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Many, many years ago, in my teenage years, I picked up the recorder and began to learn to play it. What began as a hobby eventually led to me playing at small concerts here and there – and once at a large concert sponsored by one of the top breweries in Nigeria at the University of Lagos sports centre. And all I was playing was the simple recorder. That progressed to other instruments in the woodwind family.

Two Fridays ago, I was at Freedom Park where I enjoyed beautiful melodies from a saxophonist. I sat there, my heart being stirred up again to play music. Yesterday, I finally picked up my instruments again: the clarinet and the recorder. Playing music on both, it was nice to find that I was still very much in tune with my musical part.

The picture above is of my clarinet beside the Lumia 1520. Here is what my good old recorder looks like:

I will be sharing some of my music here by way of YouTube videos. I will also be playing live at Mobility Rave parties. I found a partner – a guitarist – already, and you will be getting to know him soon. If you play an instrument and would love to showcase your skills here on MOBILITY or at Mobility Rave, do get in touch.

My first video is likely to be my rendition of Bongos Ikwue’s soundtrack for Cock Crow At Dawn, a highly successful TV sitcom in Nigeria back in the 80s. My music videos will be recorded with mobile phones and uploaded to YouTube for your convenience. Yes; it is time for music and mobile.


  1. I like the idea of this. I used to play the recorder and guitar too. Well, not exactly at concert level but I think I’m quite confident of my recorder skills. I’ll just need to pick up one again and get in the spirit. If there’s ever room for a second recorder player, I just might fit in. Heck, I can even confidently do some basic guitar backing too. Nothing too fancy though

  2. Mr Mo! Great stuff! I can play the keyboard very well and just a little of guitar..

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