Netflix Streaming Guide: Have You Been Streaming Wrong?

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A Netflix Streaming Guide? Yes. The long awaited Money heist season 5 is out on Netflix, maybe you also waited for this movie, a lot of people did (here is the Netflix streaming link). 

Streaming services have become a norm to most people around the world today. The feeling of being among the first people in the world to get to see a movie or show is just amazing. Knowing that you have tons of movies and series at your disposal at little cost is out of this world. But all of this poses a certain level of difficulty to lost people and these issues of concern to most people will be talked on in this article.

Netflix Streaming Guide!

Streaming is amazing yet burdensome, finding the right movie to watch, curving your streaming habits, saving extra data while streaming, poor network connection and so much more. You might personally have faced on of the challenges mentioned earlier and you might have wondered how to solve it. We got you covered with a few Netflix Streaming Guides.

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Netflix Streaming Guide.

A few problems with Netflix streaming will be touched and solutions to each will be given for streaming from your smartphone. 

Do Away With Geo-blocking: It can be quite stressful to find movies and series while using Netflix as some of this movies are not available in every region. For example the series “The Office” is not available to be streamed here in Nigeria, so if you are looking out to watch this movie you might just be disappointed. But we have a fix for that. Simply use a VPN (check out what a VPN is here) and then access your Netflix account and then search for that movie that is not available in your region and you will be able to see the movie 

Save Yourself Some Data: Streaming requires a lot of data to see movies online and you might just tap into data you intended to use for other purposes, this can be so painful. But you need to see your series and movies, then try saving some data, how, you may ask. You can set aside data specifically for streaming or use a WiFi. If none of none of these seem to work for you then head over to your Netflix app settings and navigate to cellular data usage now toggle on the data saving mode. You can also try streaming movies in at a lower quality to save you extra data.

Split The Bills: Netflix has a lot of payment plans that might be a bit too much considering what your budget is, but there is a way to make your streaming less of a burden to you.

Consider the plans available on Netflix, there is an $8.99 plan for just one person per month and still a $17.99 plan for four people per month, for the sake of your privacy I’ll advice that you avoid subscribing to the one person plan and then share the password to more people, from personal experience that always leads to misunderstandings and cheaper plans means that more than one person can not use the account at the same time. It is better to subscribe to the $17.99 plan for four people then split the bills equally with each person paying approximately $4.5 per month. Easy on the pocket right?

Watch That Movie At Your Own Time: We all lead busy lives, whether it is work, school or running errands around the house we all are preoccupied every now and then, so adding streaming to our busy schedule is not an ideal thing to do. Netflix understands this issue and there is a fix to help you take control of your streaming habits and not the other way round. You can natively download your favourite movies, shows or series.

Type in the item desired when it comes up hit the download icon note that the downloaded item expires after 48 hours counting from when you hit the play button. There is also Smart downloads for our series lovers, go to you Netflix app settings and toggle on smart download. This feature downloads new episodes of a particular series and delete the current one the moment we are done with the previous as long as WiFi or data connection is active.

Stay Aware Of Who Has Access To Your Account: It can be frustrating to notice that you cannot access your Netflix account because someone is currently using it, even more frustrating when that person is an unwanted user. Stay up to date with information on everyone who has access to your Netflix account, this way you will be aware all those using the account. Ensure that you are using the latest version of the Netflix application and as long as you are the head account Netflix will inform you of who or which device is using your account at a given time.

Use Audio Descriptions: Well this feature works for some people, if you are comfortable with just hearing what is going on in the screen and not seeing the action. It serves as a narrator telling you every single action taking place on the screen at the time. Setting this up is quite different on iOS than the very direct approach on Android. On Android you need to download the movie then while it is playing select the Audio & Subtitle on the players settings then toggle on Audio Description.

• Lock Your Screen: Reduce the interuption from accidental swipes on your screen that can distract your attention from the movie. This feature is live on Android and we complied a guide here.

Use Do Not Disturb: Define your streaming time and reduce distraction by turning on your do not disturb mode on your iPhone or Android device it will help you retain your focus and Netflix better.

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