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With most countries presently on partial or total lockdown, a number of apps have experienced a surge in use with streaming service Netflix not left out. In light of this increased use, Netflix has enabled an update live for the Android version of its streaming app, with a new Screen Lock button for users streaming content.

This Screen Lock button enables users to effectively lock their screen, ensuring that accidental swipes and touches do not interrupt their stream. This function gets rid of all UI from the user’s screen when it is tapped, rendering further taps powerless, with a small lock icon displayed on the screen.

Netflix Update Brings New Features

The screen can be unlocked by tapping the lock icon twice. This feature is one that should be welcomed with open arms by users of the streaming app, with accidental skips and rewinds set to be a thing of the past.

This feature has been activated on the Android platform, and is a server-side change meaning that users do not need to make any updates from their end to enjoy this feature.

There is no official word yet regarding when this feature will come to iOS devices, with users hoping that the iOS gets this feature soon.

With the streaming app gaining more traction with each passing day, it will be interesting to see what other changes to user experience we may get to see in the coming days.



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