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How to double your YouTube subscribers: 8 tactics that actually work

Today, YouTube is the most popular video marketing platform in the world. Each day, millions of hours of videos are uploaded on this platform, making it hard for new entrants to even succeed in their marketing efforts.

But just looking at the difficulty of beating the competition on YouTube is for the pessimists. As a good and optimistic YouTube marketer, you need to look at the millions of hours uploaded as a challenge to up your game. And if you are thinking of ways to up your marketing game on this platform, then here are 8 tactics that will see you double your YouTube subscribers.

double YouTube subscribers

1. Choose and stick to one theme

Most of the YouTube channels that are doing so well have one theme that they have stuck to over the period. The identification of a theme should come at the point of creating your channel. This will help you so much in the long-run, as you will be able to direct all your energies and resources towards creating content in the same niche. If you choose a business theme, for example, then you must ensure that most of the videos you post revolve around business.

The main goal of a social media platform is to ensure that people identify with what you are publishing, and thus keep coming back to watch more guides or tips on certain things. The only way to keep YouTube users coming back is by sticking to a certain niche.

2. Focus on posting killer content

In most cases, video content converts better than any other form of media. But you need to realize that not every video will convert in terms of bringing more subscribers for your channel, comments, or even likes. Your content must be incredible. It must be worth spending your time watching.

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Posting incredible content is not just to focus on the new subscribers, but also to keep the current ones coming back to watch your videos. Most YouTube subscribers will actually choose to unsubscribe if they keep getting notifications of content that isn’t great to watch. Your subscribers won’t mind coming back again and again to watch incredible content, and they can even recommend their friends to watch and subscribe.

3. Spare a budget to buy YouTube subscribers

Getting subscribers, especially for new channels, can be really hard and tiresome. Not so many YouTube users will be willing to subscribe to a channel that has just a few subscribers, or worse, be the first ones to subscribe. In order to boost your chances of getting subscribers, you have to at least invest in it. And when it comes to buying YouTube subscribers, Social Boss will always be the favorite for many. This platform provides a seamless and easy way to acquire subscribers both for new channels and those that would like to expand their channel reach. The pricing it flexible and very much affordable.

4. Post YouTube videos regularly

The hardest part of growing a YouTube following is probably posting regularly and consistently. However, even though it is hard, it is the most important part.

Regular posting has the effect of keeping your current subscribers glued to your channel, improving the watch-time as well as attracting more YouTube users who can eventually subscribe. You also need to realize that YouTube algorithms love channels that get new content more often, thus will rank your channel and content higher in YouTube search. This way, you can be sure that your videos will reach more audiences. Thus you can get more subscribers as well.

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5. Make your videos clickable in search

For anyone to subscribe to your YouTube channel, they must first watch your video. And for them to watch, they have to click on it in search. But clicking doesn’t just come freely; you have to work for it and earn it.

To get your videos clicked, you have to focus more on the image, the headlines, and the description for the videos. They have to be attractive enough to the users and offer something more than what other competitor videos are offering. Catchy titles and descriptions will save you the hustle of doubling your YouTube subscribers.

6. Promote your channels in other online communities

In video marketing, you need to know that there is an audience for every other topic. When participating in conversations in other online platforms, you can share a link to your videos, just to emphasize the point you are contributing to the community. Those who will click the link to your video can end up subscribing if they find your content worthy.

7. Collaboration works miracles

You need to collaborate with other YouTubers in order to succeed in your YouTube marketing strategies. Identify those great YouTubers that you consider influencers. Approach them for collaboration, and if they agree, utilize their influence to double your subscribers.

8. Have a playlist for your videos

If you have a series of YouTube videos, the best thing to do is group them in a playlist, this will encourage viewers to watch them, and can eventually subscribe to your channel.

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