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YouTube Music Update Lets You Find Your Favourite Tunes Easily

YouTube Music App
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The latest update to YouTube Music brings with it an opportunity to spread your wings and get accustomed to new playlists. The popular music streaming app is making it easier for users to find new releases which contain music videos and albums, with a new Explore tab that comes with the update.

This update lets you browse through a vast catalog of playlists in the Moods & Genre section. This update lets you curate your playlist depending on your mood and activity you want to engage in. For instance, if you need music that can keep you through an exercise session, this update lets you organize your selection to music that is suitable for this purpose.

YouTube Music App

The Explore tab will replace the ‘Hotlist’ tab as the best destination for finding new music. Song lyrics are added to a number of tracks, letting you sing along to some of your favourite tunes.

The Explore tab is currently available for select users, but is expected to officially roll out to the YouTube Music web player and iOS and Android apps in a number of weeks.

You can get started by subscribing to YouTube Music for $9.99 a month or you could sign up for free on a one-month trial. This one-month free trial is exclusively for new members.



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