Reddit announces new video hosting feature


Reddit has announced the launch of its video hosting feature. This means that users of some communities can now upload videos directly to the site. Reddit already had this feature as part of a beta-testing phase conducted recently with a few communities. However the company says that it is now ready to expand the feature to other communities. Reddit’s production manager, Emon Motamedi, noted that videos on Reddit are just YouTube links or videos reduced to GIFs hosted by third-party tools. This is not convenient for people with limited knowledge…

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Google Allo now has a desktop client

Google Allo

The mobile messaging platform has already been saturated with a lot of options. However, this does not stop new mobile messaging apps from coming up. Google Allo was released on mobile last year, to underwhelming results. However, the app did not have a web client which expanded its capabilities. Now, however, Google Allo has a web client. To use the feature, first install the app on your Android smartphone. Currently the web client feature is only available on Android, though the app itself is available on iOS. Now, once you…

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Facebook introduces birthday fundraisers feature

birthday fundraisers facebook

On your birthday, Facebook usually makes a post on your friends’ timelines, reminding them to send you a birthday message. This has become a surefire way to keep track of your friends’ birthdays, and it also helps your friends remember yours. However, Facebook is introducing a new feature to the birthday reminder. Now, the company has included birthday fundraisers to the feature. The birthday fundraisers feature is not for the celebrant to make use of, however. Instead, Facebook allows you to raise money for a non-profit organization. Here’s how it…

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Google Search Lite to launch in places with poor network

Google Phone app

Google Search is pretty much the biggest search engine on earth now. However, there are some places where it simply does not reach, which include hard-to-reach places and places with poor internet connections. As a result of this, Google has begun testing a light version of its Search app for such places. This app is known as Search Lite, and right now it is only available for download in the Play Store in Indonesia. Search Lite does mostly the same thing as its bigger Search app. Basically, users can search…

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How to eliminate the white border on Snapchat Story

snapchat story white border

Snapchat is a great platform for sharing photos and short video clips to our friends and family. There’s also a feature called the Story, which is a collection of snaps you can broadcast for 24 hours. Most times, you have to take these snaps within the Snapchat app, otherwise your snaps get a white border, which lets everyone know that the photo is old. Now, if you do not want this white border on your snaps, you can make it happen. The first thing you need is an app that…

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Gmail for iPhone now has anti-phishing check

gmail anti-phishing check

In May, there was a phishing scam making the rounds on Gmail. However, Google acted fast to shut it down before it caused too much damage. A little while later, the company added an extra security measure to Gmail for Android that flags shady links in messages, which could try to carry out such a phishing scam. Now, Google has added the same anti-phishing check to Gmail for iOS. Here’s a statement from Google on the subject: “Going forward, when you click on a suspicious link in a Gmail message…

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Lifestage, another Snapchat copycat, bites the dust


Yet another Facebook attempt to be like Snapchat has failed. Recently, the social media giant shut down Lifestage, an app designed to get the attention of Snapchat-obssessed teenagers. If you have not heard of Lifestage prior to this moment, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. There are not a lot of people that knew about the app either. This is mainly due to the fact that only users aged 21 or younger could sign up for it in the first place. Lifestage was intended to help teenagers find and connect…

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New Uber messaging feature goes live

Uber messaging

If you use Uber, you must have experienced the creepy situation where you receive a text from an unknown number, asking for your location, while waiting for your ride. Sometimes, instead of sending you such a text, the Uber driver would simply park as close to your location as possible, then honk their horn until you show up. This is not really convenient for a lot of people, and in an effort to solve this issue, Uber has launched an in-app messaging feature on its mobile app. Now, with Uber…

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Facebook sneaks Colorful Balloons into China

colorful balloons

China has banned Facebook and its related apps for years. However, this apparently hasn’t stopped the company from trying to get their products into the country. According to the New York Times, Facebook managed to sneak an app past the Great Firewall of China, called Colorful Balloons. Nobody managed to catch them doing it, though. According to the report, Facebook approved the app’s release in May, and published it in China through a local company called Youge Internet Technology. Well, this looks like it as nothing to do with Facebook.…

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Twitter Night Mode for desktop is coming soon

Twitter night mode

Twitter Night Mode was added a few months ago, and it has become wildly popular for people who take their smartphones to bed at night. However, a version of this feature for desktop had not been available for a while, mostly because people prefer using their phones in bed to their desktops. However, if you use your laptop in bed, then Twitter Night Mode could be coming to you soon. Already it has been spotted by a number of users. This feature is likely to be extremely welcome, enabling a…

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