Facebook Combines Messenger And Instagram In Newest Update

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Facebook has begun merging Messenger with Instagram to foster an integrated chat system on both apps. Reports suggest that Instagram users on both iOS and Android platforms may soon see the Messenger logo replace the DM icon on the top right corner of their home screen.

This new feature will allow users browse through a new messaging screen where they can connect with friends who use Facebook. This feature is expected to rollout in stages, meaning that some regions will get this update quicker than others.

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As per a report from The Verge, some users have begun receiving a pop-up update screen on Instagram. Aside letting users connect with friends who use Facebook, the new features include emoji reactions, an overhaul of the chat screen, and a feature that lets users respond to messages instantly by swiping right.

After the update is complete, the report says the Messenger logo replaces the DM icon on the home screen. It is also noted that the chat screens appear more colourful.

This most recent update is in sync with Facebook’s intention to integrate Messenger in Instagram. Earlier in the year, Instagram started letting users create new Messenger rooms and invite friends to join in.



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