disable facebook live notifications

Facebook has become an essential part of our lives. For some, in fact, it is the only way for them to keep in touch with friends. Some other people love to meet new people on Facebook. It makes sense, therefore, for you to want people to easily find your Facebook profile as easily as possible. […]


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, these are all social networks. There are lots more, and each has its own defining characteristic. Also, a lot of social networks come up every day. Some of these are good, others not quite as good. However, there’s a new social network, which has some new, nice features. It is known […]

Google delete unused backups

Google has made a lot of efforts in combating extremism and terrorism online. The latest action by the company is the anti-extremist video initiative, which is geared towards combating content associated with terrorism and other related themes, which seek to radicalize viewers or propound extremist views. This is the most severe set of techniques employed […]

birthday fundraisers facebook

On your birthday, Facebook usually makes a post on your friends’ timelines, reminding them to send you a birthday message. This has become a surefire way to keep track of your friends’ birthdays, and it also helps your friends remember yours. However, Facebook is introducing a new feature to the birthday reminder. Now, the company […]


Yet another Facebook attempt to be like Snapchat has failed. Recently, the social media giant shut down Lifestage, an app designed to get the attention of Snapchat-obssessed teenagers. If you have not heard of Lifestage prior to this moment, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. There are not a lot of people that knew about […]