Facebook Messenger Rooms Now Live With Video Calls For 50 Users

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Throughout the duration of the lockdown and social distancing period, a number of tech companies used this period to expand their services and reach, especially for companies in the social media space. Facebook made it known a few weeks back that it will be increasing the number of participants allowed on a free video call.

This move is in response to Zoom’s growing popularity, with the Messenger Rooms starting to go live from this week. Most users are yet to report getting this functionality, and it may be one with staged rollouts at different times to different regions.

Facebook Messenger Rooms now accepts 50 users on a free video call new update

When you eventually get it, you could create a room from Facebook or Messenger, and you can have up to 50 people on a free video call, with no kind of time limits. It also has a host/guest system just like Zoom, and you can even get to invite individuals who do not own a Facebook account, as they won’t need to create one to join the call.

As host, you can choose who gets to see and join your room, and can also remove people at will, or even decide to lock the room if you do not want more participants.

Weeks ago, Facebook messenger for kids got important updates in a number of countries. With this new video call feature seemingly rolling out in batches, we can’t wait to finally enjoy this functionality.



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