Facebook Messenger Kids Gets Updates In The US, Hits 70+ New Nations

Social media company Facebook has taken a number of steps to improve its messenger app of recent, with the app recently receiving Facebook Pay Integration and a number of speed and footprint improvements.

The company has now released an update for its children-friendly messenger app, which was launched two years ago. This child-friendly instant messaging app is designed to give parents oversight and will be receiving a number of security and control features in the US, with the app expected in over 70 other countries soon.

Facebook Messenger App For Kids

Some of the new features include:

  • Supervised Friending: This ensures that only parents have the ability to add new contacts for their kids. This new feature will let kids get and accept contact invitations, but will also let parents see this notification and decide to override their kids’ decision based on their better judgement.


  • Approved Adults: This will let parents allow specific individuals add their kids to groups. This will come in handy for various kinds of family groups and school-related groups.


  • Easier Connections: This bit gives more visibility to the kid’s profile, letting the parent account make a decision on the child’s name and profile photo being visible to non-contacts.


The Facebook Messenger Kids App is coming to more than 70 new nations, with the newly added nations set to receive the older version of this app. The newer version, with the features listed above will be released in the US, Canada and Latin America in the coming weeks.



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