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Makers of the $14,000 Solarin smartphone give up

Sirin Labs Solarin

Remember the most expensive smartphone for 2016. The Sirin Labs Solarin smartphone launched last year with lots of fan fare. The phone was said to offer security, and heavily priced at $14,000. It now appears,Read More

Self-Destruct smartphones are finally a reality

self destruct

If you watch a lot of Hollywood movies, then you must have come across self-destructive gadgets. A set of actions trigger the device to explode in a matter of seconds. Poof!! Pieces of metal andRead More

What Is The Difference Between A Smartphone And A Feature Phone?

smartphone cleaning

We get so caught up with staying on the cutting edge of mobile technology that we assume everyone knows and understands what a smartphone is and what a feature phone is. But it is aRead More

Discussion: What feature do you love most on your smartphone?

peg 4G network - three smartphones

There are many reasons that can compel one to buy a device today. Probably the name of the manufacturer, or the design and color. Someone could be convinced by the camera quality, or by theRead More

You can use the Kyocera Rafre while cooking and washing

Kyocera Rafre

Waterproof smartphones are very appealing. There is something assuring about knowing that your phone will survive that unexpected spill, rain splashes, or an episode of baby dropping it in water. Sadly, only a handful ofRead More