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Google Now Allows Users Add TV Shows and Movies to Watchlist

With various tech companies making adjustments to their apps to help users enjoy more comfort, Google suite has decided to do follow suit, especially with more people stuck indoors and utilizing their services.

Google is introducing new features on some of its products to help cushion the effect of this lockdown period, keeping more people connected and granting them access to information and entertainment.

New Google Search and Android TV features during COVID-19 lockdowns

These new features will come to Google Search and Android TV. The new feature for Google Search now lets users add their favourite movies and TV shows to a watchlist. Users can go through recommendations by looking up ‘What to watch’ through Google Search, then adding specific titles to the watchlist through the title’s preview page.

Users can also alternate between the watchlist and the list of recommendations. This new feature is now available on the Google app for mobile devices.

For Android TV, three new rows of content from YouTube will be made available, helping users easily access information while at home. The first row provides information on the COVID-19 from leading news sources, the second offers videos on activities that you can enjoy while staying indoors and the third shows a list of movies available for users to watch on YouTube for free, with a number of interruptions from ads while watching these movies.

A number of other offers including free access to Stadia Pro have been announced, with these offers set to come to app users in various regions in a number of weeks.



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