Google PlayPass Is 2 Years Old With A Few Games Making The Rounds

Google PlayPass

Google PlayPass turned two years a few weeks back, but it took to it’s blog to talk about it today! Most people mistake Google PlayPass to be a cloud gaming service. It is not, however. If you are wondering what cloud gaming services are then check out this article. Google PlayPass is an online subscription … Read more

Evaluating Android Security! Are You At Risk?

Android Security

Have you ever wondered about how secure your Android device is, who has access to what and when? Well you are not alone in your thoughts, millions around the world have also asked the same question.  It has become very common for most people to write off Android security quickly. This has made a lot … Read more

Google Takes Down Three Popular Children’s Apps over Privacy Violations

Google Play

Google has gotten rid of three children’s apps from its Play Store due to data collection violations. These apps were pointed out by International Digital Accountability Council (IDAC) and were seen to collect users’ data without their knowledge or permission. The three apps include: Number Colouring, Princess Salon, and Cats & Cosplay. These apps saw … Read more

Google Pixel 4a Receives October Android Security Update With Bug Fixes

Google Pixel 4a full

Google Pixel 4a is currently receiving the October 2020 Android security update released by Google. This update introduces bug fixes for touch sensitivity and auto-brightness, it also brings along a number of fixes for other Pixel phones including the Pixel 3, Pixel 3a and Pixel 4 series. This new update improves the auto-brightness of the … Read more

Google Chrome’s New Features Offer An Improved User Experience

Google lets users curate watchlist

Google Chrome is taking steps to improve its performance and has introduced a couple of new features to up its efficiency. Google is improving tab grouping, which will let users visually distinguish tabs and collapse or expand them accordingly. The improvements in the tab grouping are expected to cut page load time by 10 percent, … Read more

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