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Google PlayPass Is 2 Years Old With A Few Games Making The Rounds

Google PlayPass
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Google PlayPass turned two years a few weeks back, but it took to it’s blog to talk about it today! Most people mistake Google PlayPass to be a cloud gaming service. It is not, however. If you are wondering what cloud gaming services are then check out this article.

Google PlayPass is an online subscription service that helps take out ads and in-app purchases from a bunch of applications present in Google PlayStore. The service was launched two years ago on the 23rd of September 2019.

Google PlayPass

A lot of apps and games are included in this bundled service and even till date Google has been generous to add a few more applications to bring the total sum of apps that benefit from PlayPass to 950 apps available right now.

How much does this service cost? Well PlayPass costs $4.99 for monthly payments and $29.99 for yearly payment. With this payment you are given access to the games available without ads and all item available for in-app purchases are also free for your usage.

Google also stated a few applications that have performed well on PlayPass for the past five years, the apps are as follows: Beach Buggy Racing, Very Little Nightmares, Stardew Valley, Football Manager 2021 Mobile, Photo Studio PRO, Terraria, Pocket City, Kingdom Rush Vengeance – Tower Defense Game, and The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout. Google claims that these applications are some of the best to showcase what PlayPass had to offer.

Is PlayPass available in your country? Well head over to your Google PlayStore application to find out. 


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