Google Search Lite to launch in places with poor network

Google Phone app

Google Search is pretty much the biggest search engine on earth now. However, there are some places where it simply does not reach, which include hard-to-reach places and places with poor internet connections. As a result of this, Google has begun testing a light version of its Search app for such places. This app is known as Search Lite, and right now it is only available for download in the Play Store in Indonesia. Search Lite does mostly the same thing as its bigger Search app. Basically, users can search…

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Google introduces peer group analysis to scan for malware

google malicious plugins blocking

Google is using a new technique to hunt down potentially malicious apps on the Play Store before they have any chance to endanger any devices. This method is known as peer group analysis, and the company has detailed its efforts to implement this method earlier this week. Peer group analysis uses machine learning to group similar apps, then examine them for any standout differences. Here, the AI is basically looking for anything unusual for the app category, or anything that could potentially be used for malicious purposes. A good example…

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The LeakerLocker malware demands for $50 only

malicious apps LeakerLocker

In case you are not scared enough of all the ransomware flying around, here’s yet another one. This is a form of Android ransomware that threatens to send all your private information and web history to all of your contacts. This ransomware is called LeakerLocker, and it was found in the Google Play Store. Now, this ransomware does not encrypt its victims’ files. Instead, it claims to have made a backup of victims’ data stored on the device. The perpetrators of the malware demand $50 in exchange for not leaking…

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Google opens submissions for the Indie Games Festival

Google Indie Games Festival

Last year, Google hosted the first Indie Games Festival in San Francisco. This was a developer competition which highlighted high-quality, innovative and fun Android games released in the preceding year. Now, in preparation for the second year of the festival, Google has opened submissions for developers based in the US and Canada. The terms of qualification are the same as last year’s contest. Each participating team must have 15 or less members, and games must have been released at some point last year. Google will announce the winners of the…

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Android has a panic button feature for unresponsive apps

panic button android

Android users know the panic of having their phone become unresponsive when they try to exit a particularly unusual app. This sometimes when you download an app infected with malware or a really buggy app. When this happens, it surely would help to have a fail-safe that returns you to the Home screen and closes the app immediately. Google is working on such a panic button in the latest release of Android 7.1. The feature is simple. By default, all you need to do to trigger the panic button is…

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Cars: Lightning League races into the app stores

Cars: Lightning League

Disney recently released the animated movie Cars 3. Now, the company has released a mobile game based on the movie, called Cars: Lightning League. This game is a simple level based runner game. It features the popular third-person auto-running camera from Temple Run. However, in this case, it is auto-driving. The game features the protagonist of the Cars movies, Lightning McQueen. In the game, McQueen has been crowded out of the racing sport. You have to help him train in order to get back in the game as soon as…

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Malware alert: CopyCat roots devices and hijacks apps

malware CopyCat

There’s a new strain of Android malware making the rounds right now. It is known as CopyCat, and so far the malware has infected over 14 million devices worldwide. According to researchers at Checkpoint, the malware basically roots devices and hijacks apps to make millions in fraudulent revenue. The majority of the devices affected by the CopyCat malware are in Asia right now, but this does not mean that devices in other places are safe. Right now, there are at least 280,000 Android devices affected by CopyCat in the US.…

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Here’s how to make a time lapse video

time lapse video

A time lapse video is a long video sped up into a shorter version. Common examples of time lapse videos include moving clouds, sunset, moving traffic and growing plants. Time lapse videos are excellent for posting on video-sharing sites like Instagram, YouTube and so on, as they make for quite awesome viewing.  You can create your own visually amazing time lapse video with nothing more than your Android phone. All you need to do is to place your phone in one spot for an extended time period. To make a…

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Facebook Messenger to feature new video chat effects

Facebook Messenger video chat effects

A lot of people hardly make phone calls anymore. Ironically, however, some of these people now look for other ways to talk to people apart from text. The result is that lots of people now prefer making video calls. Right now there are lots of services that offer video calling. Right now, Facebook Messenger is one of the popular platforms that do that. Facebook Messenger has evolved over the years. Now, the platform has a new feature: effects and filters. Not that this is a new thing; of course, other…

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Facebook releases Find Wi-Fi feature globally

Find Wi-Fi

Facebook has released a new feature on its Android app globally. This feature helps the user to locate the nearest public Wi-Fi hotspots available. Known as Find Wi-Fi, this new feature copies a service offered by many local administrators and third-party developers. However, Facebook’s Find Wi-Fi is different from these other services. The difference is that the social network has a better ability to gather data, with over two billion users all over the planet. Furthermore, Facebook has more businesses willing to share the login information to their Wi-Fi hotspots.…

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