Google Chrome’s New Features Offer An Improved User Experience

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Google Chrome is taking steps to improve its performance and has introduced a couple of new features to up its efficiency. Google is improving tab grouping, which will let users visually distinguish tabs and collapse or expand them accordingly. The improvements in the tab grouping are expected to cut page load time by 10 percent, … Read more

Google Duo Introduces Captions For Voice And Video Calls

Google lets users curate watchlist

Google has launched captions for video and voice messages on Duo. This new feature would only work for recorded videos and voice messages and not live calls. These captions can be found at the bottom of the screen, slightly above the Call button. Google announced this feature through its Twitter page, with a video showing … Read more

Google Maps Bring More Detail In A New, Colourful Update

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Google’s map services have been around for about 15 years, evolving from being a “regular” map to a daily companion that tells users where to go, and where certain places are. Now, the tech company is rolling out a number of visual improvements that will bring more detail to Google Maps. With a new color-mapping … Read more

Tech Giant Google Planning To Replace Duo With Meet

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Google is currently planning to replace Duo with its more popular video calling service Meet. Google Meet has grown to become one of Zoom’s top competitors in recent times, with G Suite head Javier Soltero deciding to make it Google’s sole video calling service that caters to both regular and entreprise users. This move by … Read more

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides Apps Receiving New Features For Mobile Users

Google Docs Dark Mode

Google has begun rolling out new features for its G suite apps on mobile platforms. These features are intended to help users work on Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides easily while on the go. Some of these new features include vertical navigation, Smart Compose, link previews, dark theme, just to mention a few. These updates … Read more

Google App Introduces New Safe Folder Feature To Keep Data Protected

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Google has launched Safe Folder for its Files by Google application which lets users keep select private files secure in a separate, password-locked folder in the app. This means that users can now move any document, media file, or file to this secure location in the app that can only be accessed by a 4-digit … Read more

New Google One App Offers Up To 15GB Android, iOS Backup For Free

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Google has announced updates to its One App meaning that automatic phone backups are now available at no extra cost for users with a Google account. Google One launched in 2018 as a cloud storage subscription service for Google services (Mail, Drive e.t.c). Since its launch, it has expanded to include access to experts for … Read more

Google Chrome’s Lazy Loading Images Feature Now More Efficient

Google Chrome has enhanced the lazy loading feature, making it more efficient than it was when it first rolled out early in 2019. The Lazy loading feature lets users save data, as this feature loads images on the site only when you are about to view them. The distance-from-viewpoint threshold has also been reduced from … Read more

Google Pixel 4 XL Glass Back Peeling Off Due To Phone Defect

Google Pixel 4 XL‘s back panel is reportedly peeling off in the hands of a number of users. These complaints have impacted a large number of units, with certain users also experiencing something similar with the Google Pixel 4. Certain reports suggest that this defect may be due to battery swelling arising from the use … Read more

Google Meet Now Stops Anonymous Users From Joining Meetings

Google Meet Gets AI noise cancellation feature

Google Meet has added a new feature to its app, as it has started blocking off anonymous users by default from joining educational meetings. This means that the chances of an intruder interrupting a class group session are now significantly lower. This feature is currently rolling out for G Suite for Education or G Suite … Read more

Dark Mode Support Coming To Google Docs, Sheets For Android

Google Docs Dark Mode

Google has done a solid job at introducing a number of updates to its apps of recent, with its video conferencing app seeing a number of useful upgrades. Now, a new dark theme is currently rolling out on Android for Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. This new mode comes in particularly handy, especially in low-light … Read more

Google Play Expels 25 Apps Caught Stealing Facebook Credentials

Facebook Messenger Rooms now accepts 50 users on a free video call new update

Google has removed 25 apps from its Play Store that have been stealing Facebook credentials. This comes with the tech company taking steps to improve user protection and security on a number of its apps. French cyber-security company Evina stated that these malicious apps had over 2.5 million downloads. The apps offered a variety of … Read more

Google’s New Nearby Sharing Feature Now In Beta Testing Stage

Google Play Services

Google is currently letting Beta Testers test out a new Nearby Sharing feature. This feature has some sort of similarity to Apple’s Airdrop and is currently rolling out to certain Google Play Beta testers. These testers will now have an option to share files “Nearby” in the Android share menu. When enabled, this feature will … Read more

Google Plans To Pay Certain Publishers For High Quality Content

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Google has taken steps to resolving its disagreement with publishers, as it is now planning to pay some publishers for “high-quality” content. This is coming after the tech giant considered ending its news service in Europe last year after the European Union issued a directive asking internet platforms to pay publishers for content used in … Read more

Google Will Delete New Users’ Personal Data After 18 Months

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Google is altering some of its data handling practices and has announced that it will automatically delete new users’ personal after a period of time. In a statement attributed to CEO Sundar Pichai, he made it known that the company is focused on three important principles when it comes to user data, these principles are … Read more