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Tech Giant Google Planning To Replace Duo With Meet

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Google is currently planning to replace Duo with its more popular video calling service Meet. Google Meet has grown to become one of Zoom’s top competitors in recent times, with G Suite head Javier Soltero deciding to make it Google’s sole video calling service that caters to both regular and entreprise users.

This move by the tech giant, dubbed Duet (from Duo and Meet) will see a number of key features from Duo incorporated into the project before Duo is totally phased out.

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A report from 9to5Google reinforces the fact that Duo will no longer exist once this merger is complete, and the team working on Duo will handle the development of Meet. This report also suggests that Meet has surpassed Duo in terms of userbase, with Meet seeing a daily peak growth of 3 million new users while Duo on the other hand witnessed 10 million signups per week.

A number of features like 3D effects, end-to-end encryption and the ability to contact users for a video via phone number will be introduced to Meet from Duo.

As at the time of this report, there is no set timeline for this transition, as Google claims they are still “fully invested in Duo”. However, the tech giant has made it known that it would continue looking for ways to improve its services.

PS: Here is a quick tutorial on how to use Google Meet.


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