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Google Duo For Web Now Offers 32-Person Video Call Support

ByAlfa Baye

Jun 17, 2020 ,

In recent times, Google has made a number of improvements on its Duo app, letting certain users register without phone numbers. Now, Google has upgraded Duo’s capacity, letting 32 people participate on video calls on its web version.

This update is currently rolling out with the latest version of Chrome. This is the second time this year that Google has increased the number of participants on video calls. Earlier in March, Google increased calling capacity from 8 to 12 participants. This update puts the Duo app on par with FaceTime in terms of caller capacity on a single video call session.

Google Duo Logo

To commence a video call session on the web version of Duo, go to duo.google.com. You should see all your contacts here, there is also a CREATE GROUP Button on the left. When you click on the button, a shareable link will appear with an ADD PEOPLE option. Follow through by clicking the ADD PEOPLE option, this will let you search through your contacts and add the desired participants. You can then create a group to begin the video call session.

Group video calling on the web version is limited to Chrome. This new update comes just at the right time, as more people are looking to communicate via video calls for work, family or leisure purposes.



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