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Android 11 Will Include New Hidden Recycle Bin Feature

The new Android OS (Android 11) will bring a number of upgrades to the fore which are expected to deliver an improved experience over what is obtainable with the Android 10. However, one of the key changes that has been talked about is the inclusion of a hidden recycle bin that lets users move videos and photos to trash rather than totally delete them.

This is a bit similar to the recycle bin on a PC, and will bring with it an upgraded storage access mechanism that will grant users the opportunity to recover a select file at a later date. The trashed files would be hidden from users, which differs from a PC’s recycle bin function where the bin can easily be accessed from the desktop and the files restored to their previous locations.

Android 11

According to Product manager Roxanna Aliabadi, trashed files will be deleted automatically by the Android 11 operating system after 30 days. Trashed files can be restored by an app that has added access to it at any time within the 30-day time limit.

By default, users would not be able to access files trashed on Android 11, but apps with user consent which include edit access to trashed files will display them from the hidden bin. This new feature will be available through an updated MediaStore API.

Android 11 will also include an option to mark certain files as “favourite” to give them special status across all media apps. With the final release of this next-gen Android OS getting nearer, we do expect to see a number of awesome features when it gets released to end-users.

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