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Adolf Hitler’s phone auctioned for $243,000

adolf hitler's phone

Adolf Hitler’s phone sold at an auction in the United States for $243,000. The winning bid came through a phone call, and the buyer’s identity is yet to be revealed. A British soldier, Ralph Rayner, recovered theRead More

Goreltex CTG-ST: This phone from Russia is explosion proof

At a time when Samsung has issues with the Note 7 explosions, this comes as more comforting news. Russian company, Goreltex has announced what they call an “explosion proof phone”. The company specializes in explosion-proof electricalRead More

Death to the Password: Google tests account login with just your phone

phone password

If you manage as many user accounts as I do, you will understand why I can’t wait to see the password die a swift, gruesome death As far back as 2012, Fring implemented a systemRead More

Here’s why you should not sleep beside your mobile phone

Controversy have surrounded the issue of phone radiation, and it’s effects. Many have claimed it has no side effects on humans – read on, you might have a change of thought. To demonstrate the effectsRead More

Poll : Do you still read phone manuals?

Once upon a time, before we touched any new device, we would go through the manuals over and over again. Gradually testing all the functions before we got used to it. Those days, we dareRead More