Google Pixel 4 XL Glass Back Peeling Off Due To Phone Defect

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Google Pixel 4 XL‘s back panel is reportedly peeling off in the hands of a number of users. These complaints have impacted a large number of units, with certain users also experiencing something similar with the Google Pixel 4.

Certain reports suggest that this defect may be due to battery swelling arising from the use of a faulty connector. Battery swelling in devices happens when the cell’s membrane has been breached, letting moisture react with the chemicals within the battery, causing the battery to expand. A number of users’ comments on Google’s Pixel Phone community forums said that their devices’ back panel started to peel after months of usage.

Google Pixel 4

Google seems to have provided replacement devices to some of these affected users although most users are unhappy that the company has not yet addressed what they believe is the root problem of the Google Pixel 4 XL. This is coming after the Pixel 4 received a number of software updates to fix a number of technical problems.

With reports saying that the affordable Google Pixel 4a could be released anytime soon, it is important that the company takes care of these complaints as soon as possible. The Pixel 4a is a cheaper, smaller version of the Pixel 4 models.



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