Google Maps Bring More Detail In A New, Colourful Update

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Google’s map services have been around for about 15 years, evolving from being a “regular” map to a daily companion that tells users where to go, and where certain places are. Now, the tech company is rolling out a number of visual improvements that will bring more detail to Google Maps.

With a new color-mapping technique, we’d expect to see rivers and lakes look blue, deserts and beaches would have a darker colour scheme, while places with lots of vegetation like forests, grasslands would sport a green outlook. This feature from Google gives you an insight into how an area is, and what to expect when exploring such areas.

Google Maps

Also, users would soon be able to see more information about a street that shows its accurate width and shape. In fact, the update lets users know the exact location of sidewalks, crosswalks, and if certain streets have wheelchair or stroller requirements.

These features are coming at a time where a number of people may consider walking or taking to other forms of solo transportation due to the pandemic. The detailed maps are expected to roll out first in London, New York and San Francisco in the months ahead, with other regions getting the updated maps in due time.



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