iPhone Gets New Facebook Messenger App With Faster Speeds

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Social communications company Facebook has launched a new version of its popular Messenger app for the iPhone.

This app is said to be faster, smaller and simpler than before, while also boasting a number of new features. On the coding side, Facebook has managed to turn 1.7 million lines of code to a more reasonable 360,000 lines in the Messenger app. This in turn makes the app smaller, while also making it faster.

Facebook new update

This new design from Facebook is part of a project termed “Project LightSpeed”. The smaller design will also interest users in terms of data transferred as a smaller app implicitly means that the app will need less data to operate.

However, Facebook announced that due to the rebuild of the app, a number of features will be unavailable for the time being, and that the company is working round the clock to get these features back online.

Android users have already received a Messenger app update that improves the interface but the speed and app shrinking of the new Messenger app are limited to iOS devices only. From a number of tests performed, the Android version of the Facebook Messenger app still seemed as slow as before, confirming that Android did not receive any “speed” updates.

You can get the update version of Facebook messenger from the App store and if you want to know more about Project Lightspeed, you can check up what Facebook have to say about it here.



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