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Find your iPhone with Apple Watch’s Ping iPhone feature

iPhone app data

One thing that every iPhone user dreads is losing their phone. Not being able to find your phone can be a traumatic experience. While there are things you can do to keep your device fromRead More

How to fix iPhone Bluetooth issues

iphone bluetooth issues

Unlike what obtains on Android smartphones, Bluetooth on iPhones does not allow you to beam media files and the like to and from other devices. While that is a limitation, iPhone Bluetooth is still aRead More

How to restore deleted iPhone apps

iPhone network problems

In the past, if you deleted an app from your iPhone, you would need to buy it again or hope that you backed it up on iTunes. That has changed. Now you can restore deletedRead More

How to disable Touch ID on iPhones

Touch ID

Touch ID is a security feature that all iPhone users would do well to enable. It allows you to unlock your device, authorize purchases, and do so much more with just your fingerprint. However, someRead More

How to backup iPhone without iTunes

backup iPhone without iTunes

Replacing a broken iPhone screen is not so difficult. However, replacing the content on your iPhone when it gets damaged, or lost, might prove to be a bit difficult, especially if you did not backRead More