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New Facebook Feature Lets You Bulk Hide And Delete Old Posts

Social media company Facebook has announced a new feature that lets you manage your activity. This feature, goes by the name Manage Activity, helps you hide old posts and delete them in bulk.

This new feature now lets you curate your presence and content on Facebook in a more organized manner than before. You can now archive content that you are not comfortable with others seeing but you still want to have access to. There is also a trash bin which allows you keep things that you don’t want to ever see again.

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Any content sent to the trash bin will stay there for 30 days, giving you enough time to change your mind in case you want to restore the binned items. After the time period (30 days) elapses, this content will be automatically deleted.

You can carry out either of these actions in bulk (archiving or binning) and you can also jump to posts from specific people or specific time periods to better help you with your search. This feature comes in handy for individuals who may not want certain content in the face of prospective employers and business partners.

Manage Activity is now available on Facebook Lite and is expected to be released to the mobile app and desktop platforms in the coming days.



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