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Android 11 Beta 1 Features Music Control in Notification Shade

Avatar of Alfa Baye By Alfa Baye Jun3,2020
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The Android 11 Beta 1 was expected to experience some delays, but somehow a number of users around the globe received it, giving us a look in at some of the new features. This will include a new Power Menu, a “Bubble” menu and updates to the Pixel Launcher.

In these new features, the Music playback controls can now be fixed into the notification shade by enabling the “Media resumption” option. This new option has a collapsed view, sharing a number of rows with quick toggle, and an expanded view which resembles a music player widget.

Android 11

New icon shapes are also available for the home screen, with the present ones being a Pebble in an irregular circle, a Tapered Rectangle as a square with the corners cut off and Vessel (square-ish with some side detail).

Wi-Fi enhanced MAC randomization is also available and this picks a new MAC address every time you connect to Wi-Fi. Some other features that were touted to be in the Android 11 Beta 1 like the scrolling screenshots feature and a clock customization for the lock screen were not available as at the time of its release.

Hopefully, we will get to know more about the Android 11 in the coming days.



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