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Samsung Notes App Gets Updates; Adds Undo/Redo Buttons

Samsung Galaxy S6 Tab
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Samsung has been particularly active in the software update section of recent, with new reports saying that the company has updated the Samsung Notes app. These updates will see a number of changes like the undo/redo buttons coming to play.

The latest update for the Notes app adds offer support for tags, which lets users easily organize their notes within the app. These tags can be created swiftly and applied to a post, with the app also helping to suggest tags based on the text used.

Samsung Notes

The Samsung Notes will also be getting undo and redo buttons, which were surprisingly left out of earlier versions of the Samsung Notes. The updates also point to “intelligent search”, which is a new feature that the updated Samsung notes app will see. It is however still unclear how this “intelligent search” will work or what sort of function it is cut out for.

The updates are expected to roll out via the Galaxy Store, which simply means that you can check there for these updates. The changes are in the version v3.3.02.4 of the Samsung Notes app and should be available for recent Samsung smartphones and tablets that run on Android 7 OS and newer.

It is believed that these features, which were first seen on the Galaxy S20 series will improve user experience for users of the Samsung Notes apps.



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