The New OnePlus Software Update Policy, Explained

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A lot of people are interested in the OnePlus Software Update Policy. In addition, I like to think of myself as a OnePlus lover, and so I am interested too. Having tried my hands at models from Samsung, Xiaomi, and Google in recent times (I also eventually got to try my hands on the Nord N100), I am leaning towards adopting OnePlus as my go-to smartphone brand. I am also a lover of timely software updates and need to be sure of software support for OnePlus smartphones.

Do OnePlus smartphones get software updates? Yes; they do; they get both major updates and security patches. But for how long? In July 2021, a new OnePlus software update policy was announced, and it detailed the company’s approach, going forward.

The New OnePlus Software Update Policy - How long does OnePlus support their phones?
How long does OnePlus support their phones? The new OnePlus Software Update Policy spells it out.

July 2021 OnePlus Software Update Policy

How long does OnePlus support their phones? The OnePlus software update policy announced in July 2021 is complicated, with no straight answer, as the software update policy addresses the company’s different lines of products, in three categories: flagship smartphones, upper mid-range products, and lower mid-range products. If you weren’t in the know, OnePlus does not manufacture entry-level Android phones. Here is how the 2021 OnePlus software update policy addresses each category:

  • Flagship products: The company’s flagships are top-of-the-line smartphones like the OnePlus 8 series, OnePlus 9 series, and OnePlus 10 series. The category includes the T and R versions of each series, e.g., OnePlus 9T or 9R. These devices will receive 3 major Android updates and 4 years of security updates. Example: if a smartphone in this class launches with Android 12, it will get Android 13, Android 14, and Android 15, as well as monthly security updates all through Android 16. Note that it will not get Android 16 itself; just the security updates.
  • Upper mid-range products: These include the Nord and Nord CE line. These devices will receive 2 major Android updates and 3 years of security updates.
  • Lower mid-range products: These include the Nord N series like N10, N100, and N200. All N series devices will receive 1 major Android update and 3 years of security updates.

It is a bit complicated, if you are new to OnePlus phones, but you will get the hang of it. As it is, the new OnePlus software update policy is excellent if you are buying a OnePlus flagship smartphone. You get three years of major updates. If you go for one of the more pocket-friendly, mid-range Nord models, you get 2 years of major updates. And with the bottom-of-the-range Nord N models, you get one major update. Not exactly exciting, but one loaf of bread is better than none; right?

November 2022 OnePlus Software Update Policy

In November 2022, OnePlus annonced a new update policy that policy promises four major Android updates and five years of security updates delivered every two months. This is an improvement over the July update policy. It does seem like this announcement applies only to the high-end OnePlus models like the OnePlus 11 series, and does not include the lower end Nord series.

Frequently Asked Questions About OnePlus Software Update Policy

How long are Nord phones supported?

Regular Nord devices receive two major Android updates and three years of security updates, while Nord N series devices receive one major Android update and three years of security updates.

How long will OnePlus phones get updates?

Back in July 2021, OnePlus announced a new update policy for its smartphones and asserted that the OnePlus 8 series and newer versions will get three major Android OS updates and four years of security updates.

In November 2022, OnePlus updated their software update policy, increasing the support period to four years of major Android OS updates and give years of security patches.

Does OnePlus get software updates?

Yes, OnePlus smartphones get software updates, ranging from one major update to 4 major updates, depending on the class of smartphone you buy.

Which Android phone is best for support?

By way of comparison, Samsung’s Android phones currently get the best software support – some models get as much as 4 years of major software updates. The new Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, both released in 2023, now have the best software support – 7 years of Android major updates.

Final words

That is all about the new OnePlus software update policy. It isn’t as robust as I would like; it isn’t nearly as good as Samsung’s, and it is nowhere near what Apple provides for iPhones. But it is much better than what most Android phone makers offer. For best support, buy a OnePlus premium flagship, where your budget allows you. If you can’t afford that, all OnePlus phones will get updates anyway; others, just not as much as the flagships.

Android phones have not had a good reputation for software updates but that is changing drastically, with some Android phone brands now pushing out updates for more than four years.

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