The EU adopts USB Type-C as the common charging port for all mobile phones, tablets, and cameras

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The European Union’s parliament and council negotiators have voted for the adoption of USB Type-C as the common charging port for all small and medium-sized devices – feature phones, smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, portable speakers, and the like. This will take effect from September 2024.

The implication of having a common charging port for consumers is huge. It means that once you have one charging cable, you can use it for all your other devices. The new law also states that the consumer does not have to buy a new cable with each device. This means that from 2024, gadget manufacturers selling in continental Europe will stop including a charger in the sales box. Some manufacturers are already doing that right now.

USB-C port as the common charging point

This new law is a part of a broader EU effort to “make products more sustainable, to reduce electronic waste, and make consumers’ lives easier” in continental Europe.

One of the gadget manufacturers that will be hard hit by the new EU law is Apple, as the American company will now be compelled to adopt USB Type-C in place of the current Lightning cable that it uses. It looks, though, like Apple already saw the writing on the wall, as it has been reportedly testing USB-C charging point on its upcoming devices. Rumours say iPhone 15 will arrive with a USB-C port in 2023, a year before the new EU law takes effect.


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