How to Protect Your Android Phone with Built-in Security Features

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Cyber-security has become a very topical issue in the modern world. The digital world is as imperfect as the real one, therefore the need to ensure safety for all users is crucial. The number of cyber-crime cases has increased significantly over the last decade, so people started to raise alarms about possible dangers. This is why it is imperative that you are able to protect your Android phone. 

The threats and risks can wait for us everywhere, and unfortunately, we are not always ready to detect the danger. Hackers resort to different methods to invade our privacy. Most common of them is using Celltrackingapps. When a device is infected with malware, a hacker can get access to it, which means that they are able to record your phone conversations, leak private phones, record the keystrokes and track your current location. With each passing day, we see new threats from advanced spy apps for Android that can gain access remotely to the target phone. Being able to protect your Android phone from malevolent actors is a big flex.

Protect Your Android Phone with Built-in Security Features

Nowadays, almost everyone uses a smartphone – mobile device that enables a connection with the outer world including communication via messengers, working from home, creating visual content, and using the internet to find necessary sources of information. In brief, our smartphones are an indispensable part of everyday life and people can hardly spend one day without their devices.

Software developers are enhancing security features by employing innovative methods and new technologies to make their products resistant to cyber-attacks. For this reason, modern smartphones are equipped with the more and more security features to reduce or mitigate the risks of data leakage.

What are the best security features to protect your Android phone?

If you are concerned about personal safety and security and are curious about what you can do to protect your Android phone and stay safe while connected, the following security features will help you do that. It does not matter what Android phone brand you are using – Samsung, Motorola, Google Pixel, OnePlus, or any other; these features are built into Android.

  1. Application sandbox. 

The purpose of this security mechanism is to isolate system applications from installed apps so that malware cannot access and infect the device. Sandboxing creates a separate space for the most important individual android applications and cuts off the interaction with another file without permission.

  1. App signing. 

With this useful feature, no application cannot access your device without being properly signed with the certificate.

  1. Authentication

Users can unlock their phones in different ways including entering a PIN, pattern, password, or fingerprint. A device that has a fingerprint sensor allows the user to perform the tasks like confirming transactions, unlocking the password database, or getting access to some applications.

  1. Biometrics

Android 9,10,11 and 12 have system-provided BiometricPrompt API, that shows authentication prompts through biometric modalities including fingerprint or face.

  1. Find my device.

 This special feature enables managing your device even when it is lost or stolen. To activate this future you should sign in with a Google account or install the app. With this feature, you can play a sound, lock the phone or erase all data from it.

  1. Play Protect

It is a specially designed scanned for Android devices, that scan all individual and installed applications on your phone to detect suspicious shady apps and dangerous spyware for android

  1. Managing app permissions.

When installing new applications on your smartphone, you should manage the permissions for every app installed. But sometimes we can forget about what we clicked on, so Permission Manager in the setting will show us what permission the certain app has. It is crucially important to review the app’s permissions from time to time because some of them can pose a serious threat to your phone’s safety.

  1. Emergency Info

If something unpredictable happens, this feature enables you to leave a message to a random person that can find your phone and help in case of emergencies. You can enter emergency contacts or medical information here.

  1. Lockdown mode.

This is a new feature to protect your Android phone by allowing you to hide all notifications on the screen and make fingerprint or face unlock impossible. To activate this feature you need to press the Power button and tap Lockdown. If you want to unlock your smartphone after this step, it is necessary to enter a PIN or password.

  1. Guest mode,

Most Android devices offer this useful feature. What it does is create an exclusive space for third-parties who want to use your phone, so they cannot get access to your private information or change anything in the phone’s system settings.

  1. Smartlock

When this feature is switched on, your device remains unlocked when linked to designated devices.

You can protect your Android phone using certain built-in security features


In a nutshell, our mobile devices are smarter than we think; they can prevent and eliminate the dangers that emerge from the evil hacking world. High-quality graphics, attractive design, and wonderful capabilities of the camera are not the only features our smartphone offer us. They also have security features that are a strong shield from possible security threats. With the abundance of spy apps for Android, you can successfully protect your Android phone from hackers who attempt to invade your privacy. All the best.

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