Samsung Galaxy A73 5G User Reviews and Ratings

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This article is not a MobilityArena in-house review. It is a compilation of what buyers of the Samsung A73 5G have to say about it, hence the title, Samsung Galaxy A73 5G user reviews. We have sampled reviews from different websites, including Samsung’s official website, Google, and JB Hi-fi Australia website.

Samsung A73 5G is an upper mid-range 5G smartphone. It has a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate, Snapdragon 778 chipset, 6 to 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB internal storage, a 108-megapixel main camera, in-display fingerprint scanner, 5000mAh battery, and 25W fast charging. It does not ship with a charger or headphones in the box, though. Let’s look at a sampling of Samsung Galaxy A73 5G user reviews.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G user reviews

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G user reviews on Samsung website

I bought this phone a few weeks back before the release date and was pleasantly surprised with how good the features are. Previously before buying this phone I had a Samsung Galaxy 10 and was concerned that the processing component of my new phone would be drastically different. However after receiving the phone it is almost identical with an even better price tag.

Well high-end design, durable worth every penny affordable + specifications compete the most highly popular pricy phones.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G user reviews on

I have had 4 Samsung A73 5g phones in 3 weeks. They all have stopped charging through the port. The first in 6 days, the second in 4, and the third in 5 days. There is a fault with the phones or the batch delivered to JB HIFI Prahran. I went online to chat to the Samsung technician. He advised me that I had to take my current and third failing phone to a Samsung store, not back to JB HIFI. I travelled the 15 kilometres, out of my way on a work day to the nearest store.

Samsung at Highpoint, particularly their manager Rosie, was passive-aggressive and dismissive about the repeating issue and fault in their product. I explained the whole process clearly. She took no responsibility. Dismissed my concerns that if the phone lost all power, being unchargeable, my newly and third lot of uploaded data would be irretrievable and the phone rendered useless.

Angel at the Prahran JB HiFi store and Tony at the Highpoint JB HIFI did everything they could to assist me through this inconvenient, frustrating and desperate issue. Like most people, the phone is an imperative for work and familial, or social connectivity. Samsung need to be more professional and ethical like the staff at JB. If your product fails, fix, find a solution and meet your obligations. You took my money in good faith, be a responsible corporate citizen and strive to remedy problems your defective product caused. Hopefully my fourth Samsung A73 5G phone in three weeks will continue to charge, as would be expected! Thank-you, particularly to Angel and also Tony.

The mint colour is great, the display is great, the cameras are great, the sound is great, the battery is great, the speedy processor is great, it’s light to hold, the fingerprint sensor works fast, its a bit of a stepdown from my Pixel 6 Pro but it seems the same and not as heavy. I’m happy with my purchase.


Samsung Galaxy A73 5G user reviews on Google

Its keypad is getting hanged up often, I don’t find anything great. My J7 prime was best than this I changed only following display and speaker other wise it was best. I expected a lot but A73 is a failure, NO charger, NO head phones socket, NOT even Bluetooth was given. Price is too much but not worthy. Dr.N.SriramReddy

I bought this phone 2 weeks ago, It’s really perfect I don’t know Y some people don’t like it bur it’s amazing and getting Galaxy Buds live for 499 It’s worth it!!

And that is it on our roundup of Samsung Galaxy A73 5G user reviews. User reviews provide some insights into what to expect from a device. For example, in this case, you found out that the A73 5G does not ship with a charger or audio headsets. User reviews can also be extremely subjective, depending on the expectations (realistic or not) of the buyer.

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