Motorola Takes 3rd Place In The US Smartphone Market

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While Motorola phones are no longer made in the US, and no longer as popular as they used to be, the phone brand is experiencing a rise in market share, thanks to the exit of LG from the smartphone market. According to Canalys, Motorola Mobile, a subsidiary of Lenovo, has experienced a surge in the last one year to take the 3rd spot in the US smartphone market, after Apple in 1st place, and Samsung in 2nd place.

Motorola’s North America shipments rose by a whopping 56% from Q1 2021’s 2.6 million phones to 4 million phones in Q1 2022. The company now has 10% market share. Motorola has effectively filled LG’s shoes in the United States. LG exited the smartphone market in 2021.

Motorola Takes 3rd Place In The US Smartphone Market

Also, finally, the Google Pixel brand made it to the top 5 list, in 5th place behind TCL. Pixel smartphones have not been known to sell in huge numbers. Perhaps that may change soon, as this feat by Google Pixels was a 380% jump. Google might yet take the 4th spot away from TCL, seeing as there is only 1% margin between them.

The top smartphone brands in the US in Q1 2022

  1. Apple iPhone – 51%
  2. Samsung Galaxy – 27%
  3. Motorola – 10%
  4. TCL – 4%
  5. Google Pixel – 3%

It is important to note that Apple has consolidated its lead on the American market in Q1 2022, widening the gap between itself and Samsung. As it is, Google Pixel and Motorola were the strongest performing brands of the quarter. Is the Pixel brand finally ready to play with the big boys? Is Motorola back in form or is this a flash performance? Time will tell.

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