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Great Call Phone Service Reviews

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Great Call Phone Service Reviews
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GreatCall offers senior cell phones, medical alert systems, and mobile medical alerts to help seniors stay safe. GreatCall is also identified as Lively Mobile and has remote monitoring technology which allows Managed Care Organizations to proactively identify emerging health issues.Lively Mobile is GreatCall’s medical alert emergency pendant. Its monthly fee ranges from $19.99 to $59.99 and a $35 activation fee. GreatCall it shares Verizon’s towers rather than creating its own network.

Great Call Phone Service Reviews

Great call phone service reviews on Consumer Affairs website

I found a few reviews on the site and the site had an overall star review rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. Most of the reviews were quite repetitive, a lot of them were about how helpful the phones are and are able to  detect falls and health issues and immediately alert for help. A few people gave their testimonies. There were also customers who mentioned how great their customer service and prices are. Here’s a few of the good reviews:

•I’m 93 and seeing the commercials about life alerts made me feel as if I needed it. I’ve read things about Lively Mobile in different advertisements and I’m convinced it’s the best. I like it very much and I want it with me. I’ve kept it with me day and night. I keep it charged and put it in either my blouse or pants pocket. I used it once when I fell and I couldn’t get up, and their team responded quickly in a timely manner. I feel more secure since having the device and it’s serving a purpose of what it’s meant to be.

•I have fallen about three times and I live by myself. Last time I fell, I was on the floor for six hours. My kids insisted on me getting a medical alert device and I feel comfortable with my Lovely Mobile. The one time I needed it, it came through. I fell a year ago and the response was very quick. The young lady who answered the phone took care of exactly what she was supposed to do. Plus she stayed on the line with me the whole time until the EMS got there.

Within 20 minutes, the EMS was there and they took care of me. At the time, I had injured my arm but they were just scrapes and bruises, and I didn’t have to go to the hospital. Everything went smoothly and it was very professionally done. I’m very pleased with Lively Mobile and I’ve also recommended it to a number of friends.

Now on to the bad reviews, some customers complained about frequent battery issues on the phone, issues with the phone receiving notifications. There were also some complaints about the phones not being user friendly and having major service connection issues. A customer wrote about how he cancelled his account with Great call but he still kept being charged by the company.

Some customers expressed their anger when they found out that the phones being sent by the company were defective. Some of the devices didn’t work at all and fall detection features did not work on some of them. A few customers claimed that customer service was rude and irresponsible. Here’s a few of the reviews:

•This phone was supposed to be great for seniors and vision impaired. It’s an awful phone for any of those individuals. It takes multiple clicks to get to a phone no from contacts. It is not user friendly at all. Terrible service connection as well. Customer service was great but the phone itself needs a rework.

•The initial device did not charge. Lively (then Greatcall) sent a new charger unit which resolved it. Fast forward – mom passed away and I called to close the account, which I had just paid so it had a zero balance. They charged me for another whole month of billing, even though I was only two days into the new billing cycle. I would have been fine with a prorated bill for the two days, but to charge me another whole month for a service that is not being used? Shame on them! As if the last couple weeks haven’t been difficult enough.

•I purchased a unit for my mother about 9 months ago. The first unit worked fine for a while then a problem developed. A new unit was sent out. The second unit failed again and a 3rd unit was received. That unit would only stay charged for 4-5 hours a day before the light turned red and had to go back to the charger. That’s really not a good way to monitor for falls day after day.

Called customer service and a fourth unit was recently sent and again it has the same charging issues. My mother lives alone and this is not acceptable. A battery should at least last more like 16-18 hours. I will be looking for another company as soon as I can.


Great Call Phone Service Reviews

Great call phone service reviews on Trustpilot website

The Trustpilot site had an overall star review rating of 2.4 stars out of five stars. There were some good reviews so let’s start there. Some customers spoke about how Great call phones saved their lives when they were at home alone and had an accident or a fall. They spoke about how quickly the team responded to the alert and were able to get there in time. Some customers praised their customer service and wrote about how polite and helpful they are to customers. The affordability of their phones was also spoken about and how easy to use the phones are. Here’s a few of the reviews:

•After losing my 3G coverage on my 8yr old flip phone, I was wanting an entry level smartphone that was going to be reliable but not cost $400-500!

So far, this phone does fit the bill.

I do not stream or download movies but do call, text, pictures and a little internet browsing.

I have not tried the maps/gps yet.

Call quality is the same as my old Verizon quality.

Lively customer service has been polite and very helpful. Sometimes we have learned together!

•Excellent phone! I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of setting up (and me being a first time smartphone user). It is user friendly, has a personal assistant/concierge service that calls LYFT for you, and will even stay on the line if you need more help. It has a one touch emergency button that gets you to emergency services, and if you purchase a particular plan, this will alert your family (the ones you designate) as well. Very safe for the elderly or those who live alone.

I had a good experience with customer service, unlike all the other nightmare customer services where you have to hold for half an hour or more, and then are connected overseas to reps who don’t understand, won’t help you, are rude, and hang up on you. Thank you GreatCall!

Moving on to the bad reviews, some customers spoke about how their phones did not work right and one customer wrote about how he called up customer service to fix his phone but they didn’t know what they were doing which caused the customers phone to be hacked. There were also a few complaints about customers being charged a higher bill and plan than what they subscribed for.

Some customers also complained about how customer service would sometimes not pick their calls and leave them on hold for hours and never solve their issues. Apparently, it’s quite difficult to cancel your account, there are always a lot of issues when you try to cancel according to one of the reviews. Here’s a some of the reviews:

•If I could give Great Call a minus 5 star rating I would. We only had the service for 48 hours. My phone would send texts and the phones were SUPER cheap. We were assured that we would not receive a bill since we had cancelled and didn’t incur any charges. 2 months later I am still fighting with them over the final bill amount. Liars, poor phones and even worse customer service.

•My mother and I have been dealing with everyone from increasing phone bills to quality of devices and very rude and inexperienced customer service. I strongly believe this company preys on the elderly and the more I read the reviews, the more sick I feel. Disgusting.

•My mom had this service and never used her phone so we finally cancelled it, but they kept billing them and then sent it to collections when we didn’t pay for it. Terrible predatory company. Also, terrible service in the first place. Avoid them.


Great Call Phone Service Reviews

Last Words

After reading through all the reviews on different sites, it seems like Great call has some improvements and adjustments to make, because the complaints are repetitive.  

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