Fantastic: Turns Out You Can Add 5G To A 4G Phone By Using A Case

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The idea of adding 5G connectivity to a 4G cell phone is a brilliant solution, and it is a surprise that someone did not think of it before now. The good thing is that it is here now, thanks to Huawei and a company called Soyealink. Soyealink made a 5G case for Huawei P50 Pro, so owners of the phone can use 5G on it. Here’s the back story.

If you have been following smartphone news, you already know that a few years ago, the US government placed a ban on Huawei. That ban includes cutting the company off from access to 5G components and technology. As such, Huawei has not been able to manufacture any 5G phones. Yes; all of Huawei’s premium flagships since the ban have been 4G cell phones. That’s a big problem, and it has been solved with Soyealink’s 5G case for the Huawei P50 Pro.

You can add 5G to a 4G phone by using a case
Now, you can add 5G to a 4G phone by using a case

The case has a built-in 5G modem and e-SIM, so it can connect to 5G networks. It also has a USB connector that is used to connect it to the P50 Pro to pass on service to the phone. Snap on the 5G case to the phone and you have a 5G-connected 4G smartphone. Did I say earlier that it is brilliant? Absolutely.

This might be the beginning of a new line of products – plug-in accessories that add 5G connectivity to non-5G cellphones. So, besides cases, we might see 5G USB adapters that you can plug into a 4G or 3G phone, so it can access 5G service. Why do you have to change a smartphone you like just so you can enjoy 5G? I really like this idea. We will definitely see more 5G cases hit the market, and they won’t be only for Huawei smartphones.

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