Affluent Phone Case Reviews

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Affluent is a phone case brand that manufactures their products from some of the world’s exclusive leather factories. Each of their phone cases are handmade from premium pebble leather and inspected thoroughly to ensure the highest quality products. Affluent phone cases are customizable, you can add your initials with complimentary personalization just for you. Their cases are also compatible with wireless charging and crafted from top quality Italian leather. The prices of Affluent phone cases range from $40-$70 per case.

Are you looking to buy an Affluent phone case but you want to be sure its worth? Here is a review roundup that will help you decide.

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Affluent Phone Case reviews

Affluent phone case reviews on Best buy website

The Best Buy website had an overall star review rating of 4.5 out 5 stars. Majority of the reviews were good, there were only a few complaints. Let’s begin with the good reviews, a lot of customers seemed satisfied with the quality of leather used on the phone cases.

A lot of customers were also happy that the cases had Magsafe magnets for wireless charging and the phone cases were well fitted. Some customers praised the design and style of the cases, claiming the cases are ‘ simple but rich’, ‘stylish but elegant’. The cases were also deemed as sturdy and durable but a lot of customers advised to avoid water when using Affluent’s phone case. Here are a few of the good reviews:

•I like this cover and it’s my second one.  I like its simplicity, yet it looks rich, and its durability.  I have given it a ‘5’ but I think it’s a little expensive.  I like the quality.

•Had this phone case for several months. Sturdy for the phone. Dropped the phone many times and the phone was not damaged. Excellent.

•This is the case to get! Best case ever! Adds grip over time and is great for MagSafe accessories. I use it with a leather MagSafe wallet and MagSafe chargers. This is the case you are looking for!

Now, on to the bad reviews, Some customers complained that their cases were loose and didn’t fit snugly on their phones. Apparently the phone keeps popping out of the case and some customers also felt like the leather used is ‘cheap’ or at least cheaper than the older ones. Customers expressed their frustrations when they started seeing signs of wear and tear after a few weeks of use.

Some customers claimed the color of their phone cases started changing, the leather began chipping and the edges of the phone cases started deteriorating at the corners after use. Another major complaint was the price of Affluent’s phone cases, some customers claimed it was pricey especially for the quality they were getting.  Here’s some of the bad reviews:

•Apple makes some nice products, however after having it for only a month, there is some obvious wear on the bottom. Not a huge deal as it is a case and cases take constant wear from the environment. I wish Apple would lower the price, $40? Seems reasonable. 

I have not dropped my phone yet, so I cannot test durability. Looks very sleek!

•For some reason the case is kind of Lisa’s, the phone pops out very easily and I am scared that it will break since it pushes the phone out even if you take it out of your pocket. I feel like previous phone versions didn’t have this issue.

•It’s best to stick to another reliable phone case. I purchased it to use in the meantime my Casetify case was shipped. On the first low impact drop the case did not stay in place causing my phone to get scratched on the rim of the screen. Screen would have cracked if it was a higher impact.

Made out of cheap quality, does not sustain a low level impact the case came apart and did not hold my phone in place.


Affluent Phone Case Reviews

Affluent phone case reviews on had an overall star review of 4.74 stars out of 5 stars. Most, if not all of the reviews on this website were good. I didn’t see any review with less than three stars. A lot of customers seemed to love the design and quality of Affluent’s phone cases. They also loved the customization feature. Some customers praised the art work on the phone cases saying they were clear and beautiful. Here’s some reviews from Fineartamerica’s website:

•Absolutely on LOOOVE!! will not hesitate to purchase more art customizations in the future! you have given me what other companies could not. 

•Lovely case. I would’ve given this 5 stars but the image is just a tad on the pixelated side. I’d recommend they use a higher quality image file when they print. Colors are true and the very slight blur isn’t noticeable unless you look closely. Easy to hold as the texture is matte and seems to protect the phone well and the case hasn’t scratched or scuffed at all (I’ve already dropped it a few times as I’m definitely a klutz with phones). I love it.

•As seen in the picture, there is a little gap between the soft and hard parts of the case only on the right side, not left.

•I am sooo in love with the case! I was so tempted not to put it on my phone because I’m afraid I’ll ruin it. I have gotten so many compliments on my case!


Affluent Phone Case Reviews

Last Words

After reading through the reviews available online, Affluent’s phone cases have high ratings and seem to be loved by a lot of customers although they still need to make a few adjustments. 

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