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Cisco Phone System Reviews – What subscribers say about the service

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Cisco Phone systems
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Cisco Systems was founded in December 1984 by Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner, two Stanford University computer scientists. Their latest Cisco IP phones reduce regulatory compliance risks and provide the latest technology with the option to be on-premises or cloud. Cisco has sold over 100 million IP phones and as of December 2021, Cisco had a market capitalization of around $267 billion.

Cisco Phone Systems are IP based

Cisco phone system reviews on Spicework website

I found a few reviews on Spicework’s website and the site had an overall star review rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. All of the reviews about Cisco’s phone system on this site were good. i did not find any review with less than 4 stars. So lets dive into the good reviews and see what makes Cisco system so good. Customers were happy with all the great features on Cisco’s system. A lot of customers also praised the company’s set up calling the set up reliable and secure.

There are also those customers who like the customizability of their system and also the easy and intuitive call manager. Some customers also wrote about the company’s great hardware and software system. Note, a lot of the reviews on this site are from years back. Here’s a few reviews:

•Yes its the best out there…and super expensive…and super customizeable…but with all that comes a system that’s really hard to admin, I kind of miss the admin on the old pbx phone system.

•A solid system, but I think you’re paying more for the name. Kind of reminds me of yesteryear…. “Why am paying more?” “Because we’re IBM.” Can be kind of pricey for a SMB.

Anyway, it is a good system and almost all vendors will compare themselves to Cisco, which says something about their quality.

•Great Hardware and software, very reliable and secure.


Cisco Phone System Reviews - What subscribers say about the service

Cisco phone system reviews on g2 the website

The g2 website had an overall star review rating of 4 out of 5 stars. The site doesn’t separate good and bad reviews. You just write a review and put down what you like and what you dislike. A lot of customers liked the excellent and effective server. They also loved the endless features and the solid system. The company’s easy and efficient communication was also praised. Here’s a few of the customers likes:

•Virtualized, so a single server can host multiple applications. Very powerful, with call processing, voicemail, enhanced 911, as well as mobility services all on one platform.

•The best thing about this server is that it comes prepared to host any Cisco collaboration solution. It meets all the necessary characteristics for a good performance of each solution. It is also really robust, in many years of use, I have not had to ask for an RMA.

•We bought theCisco Business Edition 6000 for the company. A perfect collaboration solution that involves ip telephony, videoconferencing, messaging and mobility. All this in just one hardware. I really like the ability to increase the number of extensions on demand.

Now on to the dislikes, a few customers were not happy that Cisco’s phone system had a limit to the numbers of users it can support. There were also some complaints about the prices of their phones. Some customers also had some issues with connection like problems with connection to VPN because of WiFi. A few customers also had some technical difficulties with installation. Here are a few customer complaints:

•It would be ideal that it does not have the limit of the number of users it can support. At least be able to reach 2500.

•Occasionally, my device will not connect to the VPN because of the WiFI, but typically that’s down to the location I am working from and unfortunately cannot connect to what I need.

•Kicked out system regularly. Times out. Gives error message.


Cisco Phone System Reviews - What subscribers say about the service

Last Words

After reading through reviews on different websites, it seems like a lot of customers are satisfied with Cisco’s phone system but they do have a few improvements to make.

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