Must-have MagSafe Accessories To Super Charge Your iPhone 13 And iPhone 12 Devices

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MagSafe is a proprietary magnetic technology developed by Apple for attaching accessories to Mac laptops and iPhones. Thanks to MagSafe accessories, you can add extra functionality, capacity, or protection to your beloved iPhone.

Examples of the kind of things you can magnetically attach to your iPhone via MagSafe are chargers, battery packs (finally!), wallets, car mounts, and popsockets, among others.

MagSafe Battery Pack
You can extend the functionality of your iPhone with MagSafe attachments

How do MagSafe accessories work?

From iPhone 12 onwards, Apple has MagSafe technology built into its models as a series of magnets placed around the phone’s internal charging coil. It senses any MagSafe accessories in close range and snaps them seamlessly and securely into place.

It works with only MagSafe compatible accessories, and ignores other magnets around.

The best MagSafe accessories for your iPhone

What is best for you will depend on your needs. For example, if you need better battery life and faster charging for your iPhone, you should definitely try out the MagSafe Battery Pack.

MagSafe Battery Pack

MagSafe Battery pack
The Magsafe Battery Pack is an accessory that adds extra battery capacity and fast wireless charging to your iPhone 12 and 13.

The MagSafe battery pack has a 1460mAh battery inside and adds between 40% and 70% extra battery capacity to your iPhone, depending on the specific model you own. It also enabled fast wireless charging. It will cost you $99 to purchase one. It is available directly from Apple and partner stores.

Belkin’s BOOST↑CHARGE™ PRO offers MagSafe wireless charging with up to 15W of power too for a more pocket-friendly $59.99. However, it does not extend the battery capacity of your iPhone.

MagSafe Duo Charger

The MagSafe duo charger is one of the best MagSafe accessories for iPhones.
The MagSafe duo charger is one of the best MagSafe accessories for iPhones.

If you own multiple iDevices, e.g an iPhone and an Apple Watch, the MagSafe Duo Charger will come in handy for charging them at the same time. It is a Qi standard charger that enables wireless charging. Just place your devices on it, and they start charging.

How much does the MagSafe Duo Charger cost? $129. It is available from Apple’s website and Apple stores.

MagSafe Wallet

We think the idea of a pouch attached to your iPhone to carry your your ID cards and credit cards is wild and potentially dangerous, but there are people who think otherwise or who do not care. Why else does the MagSafe Wallet exist?

For convenience, we cannot argue with it: we also think that physical wallets need to die and go away so we can walk around freely without a bulge in our jean pockets.

If you want the convenience of not carry a leather wallet around, the MagSafe Wallet beckons to you and will be yours in exchange for a mere $49. It is available from Apple.

MagSafe Leather Sleeve

Still on convenience, and this time with some style, the MagSafe leather sleeve offers protection for your iPhone, has slots for your credit cards and ID cards, and includes a lanyard, so you can carry it around like a small pouch.

MagSafe leather sleeve
Magsafe leather sleeve.

If you want to get one directly from Apple, it will cost you $129 only. But there are 3rd party MagSafe compatible sleeves with the same features for less. As a matter of fact, you can pick one for as low as $23.99 from online and offline stores.

There are other MagSafe accessories out there from Apple and a wide range of 3rd party brands, including Carved phone cases. There is definitely something out there for everyone, so look around a bit. Happy hunting.

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