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Carved Phone Case Reviews From Reddit

Carved phone case reviews from Reddit
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If you are a lover of carvings or anything related to nature, Carved phone cases will interest you. They are beautiful works of art made from wood and resin case. They are crafted at Carved’s facilities in Elkhart, Indiana, in the United States of America.

Carved say, each case is made one at a time (no mass production) and each slice of wood displays a one-of-a-kind grain pattern. That means no other case will look exactly like yours. The use of resin also lets the cases offers some measure of protection from drops.

What kind of smartphones does Carved make cases for? Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy flagships. You can get a case for models all the way back to iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S9, up to the very latest iPhone and Galaxy S models in the market.

Carved phone case reviews from Reddit
Carved phone cases for iPhone

Some Carved phone case reviews from Reddit

We picked a handful of comments from users of Carved cases on Reddit. These comments provide more details about the cases, so you have a better picture of what to expect if you want to buy one. The first one:

“It is pretty expensive for sure. However, it’s also a completely unique, one of one case, handmade entirely from wood and resin. I can understand the price being higher for that reason alone, and it comes with a one-year warranty.”


Here is another excerpt from Carved phone case reviews on Reddit:

They use wood burls, slice them thin, and use colored acrylic to fill in the gaps. Every case is unique and they post ~25-30 cases at a time. As soon as one sells, they post the next picture. They then cut the slices to the spec of the phone. It’s a small company out of Indiana…. Just beautiful work and it fits it well. Plenty of space for the pen/ports on the bottom, button covers are low profile, and there’s enough “lip” on the top and bottom that you can set the phone face down. Will order another sometime… Or maybe another color to swap out.


One of the users mentioned that the iPhone carved phone cases are MagSafe compatible as well. That is an added incentive to sell out the higher-than-normal prices for these items. Here is another review describing the process of getting a carved phone case.

Check out for the 1-of-a-kind ones. You pick the slice you like, and your phone, and they cut it for your phone once you buy it. The satellite ones are the ones to go with, IMO. If you see a pattern you love, you gotta jump on it, cause once that piece is gone, it’s gone.


Our final excerpt is a long read, but it is worth your time:

The first Satellite Series case I ordered had the swatch installed crookedly, there was a noticeable edge/lip on both sides of the case, and one side was visibly higher than the other. Combined with the other issues detailed later in my review, it felt very cheap to use.

Customer service was absolutely fantastic, I called up, received store credit, and was told to keep the defective case to do with as I wished.

The second case I received with a new swatch, was much better. One side of the swatch was flush with the case and the other side has an edge that is easy to feel but isn’t visibly noticed unless you look.

The swatch feels smooth and firm, not flimsy. It does not feel like wood but that’s due to how these pieces are created. I’ve used it for a couple days now and it’s held up to the hard plastic dash of my truck which scratched up the aluminum frame of my S7 Edge, so that was a good start.

Unfortunately this Traveler case is the only option Carved has for the Galaxy S7 Edge, with iPhones having a slim option and a clear option. The main reason this Traveler case looks amazing but feels cheap is the texture on the sides. It’s supposed to improve the grip. In my use it merely feels like cheap plastic. The two-toned black used due to the different materials for the front and rear of the case doesn’t help. I spoke with Carved but was told at this time that is all they plan to offer for the S7 Edge.

The phone fits well, I haven’t had any concerns inserting or removing the phone from the case. All the cutouts are appropriately placed. The USB port cutout is just wide enough to fit the Samsung charging cable that was included with the S7 Edge. The case has not interfered with the edges of the screen in any way. The inside of the case is hard plastic with no liner or anything so if sand or any other debris gets trapped back there it could scratch the rear glass. There is no Carved branding on the outside of the case, which I very much appreciate.


He also mentions that “…for the $50 to $60 these cases cost, I expect a better fit-and-finish.” Prices go as high as $189 for the Live Edge phone cases. Carved says that Live Edge cases are made from a combination of stabilized wood burl and colored resin stabilized to harden the wood to protect against cracks and breaks. 

That’s it on our round-up of Carved phone cases from Reddit. Do these wood and resin cases interest you, and which type – the regular ones or the Live Edge ones? If interested, just head over to to order yours.

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