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16 Questions About Cell Phones

cell phones guide
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Cell phones are mobile devices with embedded cellular radio system so it can be used over a wide area and without a physical connection to a network. They are also called wireless phones, mobile phones, and mobile handsets. A smartphone is an advanced type of cellular phone.

Mobile phones are so diverse and versatile that there are all kinds of models out there, including some designed specially for seniors, and some for kids. There are also cellular phones for the visually impaired.

Cell phones

How do cellular phones work? How do mobile phones work?

For a cellular phone to work for communications, it connects by radio waves to a tower at a base station. Cellular radio waves are transmitted between multiple towers, like a cell, to keep everyone connected.

What was the first mobile phone?

The first handheld mobile phone was a prototype Motorola DynaTAC phone. This is the oldest mobile phone. This makes Motorola a cell phone pioneer. Before 1973, there had been car phones – bulky and power consuming. The DynaTAC was the first handheld mobile phone and had about 30 minutes talk time.

Are cell phones dangerous? Are mobile phones harmful?

By default, they are not. They are manufactured to emit radio frequency with the safe spectrum of radio waves.

Are cell phones addictive?

Modern mobile phones have notifications for everything. Add this to the allure of social media, and it is safe to say that modern smartphones are addictive. Users spend endless hours on their phones each day.

Can cell phones cause brain cancer?

There is no conclusive that mobile phones and smartphones cause cancer.

Can cell phones cause arthritis?

Really? No; they do not.

Can cell phones cause heart palpitations?

There is no medical evidence that they do.

Can cell phones cause vertigo?

There is no evidence that they do.

Can cell phones cause cataracts?

There is no medical evidence that they do.

Can cell phones cause female infertility?

There is no medical evidence that they cause infertility or reduce libido.

When were cell phones invented?

The first mobile phone was made in 1973.

Who invented cell phones?

This can be a tricky question, Motorola is credited with the honour of inventing cellular phones.

Will cell phones work in a power outage?

Will mobile phones work during a power outage? If the outage doesn’t take out the cell towers, mobile phones will continue working for calls, SMS, and Internet. If the towers are taken out, though, all network activity will cease to function and your phone will only work for features that do not rely on an active network. Of course, if the handset itself runs out of battery and you cannot find a way to charge it, game over.

Will cell phones work on airplanes?

Most aircraft fly above the reach of cellular tower radio transmissions, so while you will be able to use your smartphone for other tasks while in a plane, it is useless of voice calls and SMS. If there is in-flight WiFi, then you can use your phone for Internet-related tasks.

Will cell phones replace cameras?

Today’s smartphones have already replaced digital cameras for most people. The only cameras that people own are the ones on their handsets. However, for professionals and photography enthusiasts, both of whom require more than what smartphones offer, we doubt that their phones will replace the more advanced gear they use.

Are cell phones distracting?

Yes; cell phones can be quite distracting, especially as their are scores of notifications popping up every hour (depending on what apps you have installed and how you set them up). But they are also business and educational tools, if you use them right.

Why are smartphones a distraction?

Smartphones are a distraction primarily because of the notifications. You are constantly being notified of a new WhatsApp message or email or social media mention. But you can turn off many of these notifications to cut down on the distraction. As a matter of fact, some people have their smartphone in Silent Mode all the time. This puts the power back in their hands and makes it easier to out their phones away so they can concentrate on work or study.

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