Slack introduces Shared Channels to make communicating with anyone easier

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Here’s a new feature announced by Slack to help teams make use of the service with anyone. This new feature, known as Shared Channels, eliminates the need for any user to add guests into their private conversations. For example, it is easier to work with a client through Slack with its various features than to keep sending emails back and forth, which is what makes Shared Channels more useful.

Slack Shared Channels

It is not impossible to bring in guests to your Slack conversation. But there might be conversations where you would rather not add an outsider. However, a Shared Channel makes it possible to work with anyone. Thus, it serves as a sort of connection between a team’s private Slack and public platform. Already, Slack says they have demonstrated various ways to make use of the new feature, and it has undergone a trial with some Slack customers.

The Shared Channels feature is easy to understand if you have used Slack before. It is basically the same as any other channel. You can set them to Public or Private, and they can be used to share various types of content. This can include messages, uploading files, making video calls and so much more. The Shared Channel appears on a user’s ordinary workspace as another channel.

Furthermore, the Shared Channels have support for platform apps, such as Dropbox. Now, to make it easier to distinguish the shared space from other private channels, these channels are listed under the Shared Channel header. Anyone you are connected with on the Shared Channel has their team’s name listed under their name. Thus, you will know whether the persons you are having a Shared Channel conversation with is on your team or not.

Currently, the feature is in beta development. Hopefully it will be completed and released to the public sooner than later.

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