Here are some tips on smartphone cleaning

You must have seen a lot of tips and tricks on how to clean up your phone. This usually refers to the internal storage, RAM and the software on the device. However, have you thought about cleaning the external parts of your device? It is a good idea to clean the outside of your smartphone […]

How to make your Facebook profile difficult to find

Facebook has become an essential part of our lives. For some, in fact, it is the only way for them to keep in touch with friends. Some other people love to meet new people on Facebook. It makes sense, therefore, for you to want people to easily find your Facebook profile as easily as possible. […]

How to fix malfunctioning WiFi connection on your phone

WiFi has become indispensable in today’s mobile, always-connected world. A smartphone with malfunctioning WiFi is the last thing you want to deal with on a busy day. But what do you do when that happens and your phone’s WiFi doesn’t work? There are a lot of things that could bring about a malfunctioning WiFi connection […]

How to fix faulty GPS signal on your smartphone

If you regularly use navigational apps like Google Maps, you will know why geolocation on your smartphone is important. You could get lost if the location services on your device are not properly set up. This could be caused by faulty GPS signal reception on your smartphone. Also, Pokemon Go fans know all about the […]

How to restore deleted iPhone apps

In the past, if you deleted an app from your iPhone, you would need to buy it again or hope that you backed it up on iTunes. That has changed. Now you can restore deleted iPhone apps directly from the App Store. You just need to re-download it. How to restore deleted iPhone apps on […]

How to disable Touch ID on iPhones

Touch ID is a security feature that all iPhone users would do well to enable. It allows you to unlock your device, authorize purchases, and do so much more with just your fingerprint. However, some people might not fancy the feature, for some security or privacy reasons. You can disable it on your iPhone or […]

How to deal with a Kingroot error on your Android phone

Kingroot is one of the most popular rooting tools for Android smartphones. With the app, you could root your device without ever connecting it to a computer. However, there are some times when the app would not work on your phone. For example, if you recently updated your Android firmware, Kingroot may not work on […]