Golfers have a lot to do to get the perfect shot. This can be tedious. A golfer has to account for the slope and the


Golfers, check out the Geni1, a smart golf ball

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Golfers have a lot to do to get the perfect shot. This can be tedious. A golfer has to account for the slope and the weather, do a lot of complicated calculations in his head, and then take a swing at the golf ball. sometimes this is not enough. The ball might end up narrowly missing the hole or stopping on the edge. Well, not with a golf ball like the Geni1. With this ball, golfers could gain some insight to what went wrong with their shot, and thus figure out a way to correct it.


The Geni1 ball is an intelligent golf ball which has an embedded nine-axis sensor, Bluetooth radio, and an MCU. These features allow the golf ball to measure the initial direction, speed, impact force and rotation of the ball. Also, the Geni1 has a sensor, which you can put on the putter, to keep track of the back stroke, forward stroke, tempo and club face angle. These sensors working together can show the golfer the cause and effect of his stroke and ball. Geni1 golf ball

Now, to make sure that the nine-axis sensor could fit inside a real golf ball alongside the printed circuit board assembly, Coach Labs worked with aerospace engineers, which was important to make the ball weigh and feel like a standard performance golf ball.


Along with the Geni1 golf ball, there’s a smartphone app. with this app, users can check out metrics and training tools which are quite easy to check out. Once a user creates an account, the Geni1 assesses their skill level and provides a custom practice plan, which improves their skills and at the same time keeps them entertained. These games and drills challenge the golfer, while creating a routine that improves squaring up, distance control, and accuracy. Players can even try out simulations of their favorite courses with people all over the world from the comfort of their living rooms. The Geni11 ball is available for preorder on IndieGoGo for $99.


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  2. Smart ball.. This is serious. We need smart books to synchronize with brains memory without hassle of craming..

  3. Smart golf ball? Wow! This is amazing. Technology has now become every part of our daily activities, including most of the sport we do. This is good news for every golf players out there, it will improve their game play.

  4. I know it won’t be in such country like Nigeria because I don’t think an average Nigerian man can afford it during this period of change.

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