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FrontRow: Discover the Coin-Sized Camera Pendant

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FrontRow: Discover the Coin-Sized Camera Pendant
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Modern smartphones have taken over a lot of functions of other devices: cameras, recording devices, music players etc. Now, however, there is a device that aims to take back the camera function from the smartphone. Basically, this device, known as FrontRow, was built to recover the simplicity of mobile technology. FrontRow is a tiny, coin-sized device with two cameras, an 8MP camera at the back and a 5MP camera in front. The device shoots video in 1080p, and it can also stream to Facebook or YouTube for up to two hours.

According to the creators, FrontRow should be worn around the neck like a medal, with the rear camera facing out. It also has a little touchscreen, where you can view your captured content. Also, apart from the photos and videos you can capture with the device, you can also capture photos and videos and stitch them together. This Story Mode also makes use of sensor data and some other info to cut out the poor parts of the captured content.

FrontRow: Discover the Coin-Sized Camera Pendant

The creators of the FrontRow camera pendant, Ubiquiti, expect that people will want to wear the device all the time, so as to capture pictures and videos more easily. According to Joe Santucci, the product director of Ubiquiti Networks, all the constant distractions brought about by notifications tend to take attention away from the actual act of capturing photos and videos. Therefore, the company produced something really accessible that could document a whole day without any video edition, for example.

FrontRow does seem like a device that would catch on with a lot of people. However, Ubiquiti needs to find a niche where the idea of the pendant camera would work. For example, tourists might find this device useful. Also, people in places where camera phones are not convenient or not allowed might find a good use for it. Until the device becomes popular, however, most people will probably stick to their smartphones.


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