Here’s a weather app that reminds you to go outside

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People who live in places with sudden changes in weather conditions now have an app that lets them know if it is conducive enough for them to go outside. This app is known as It’s Cool. The app is a weather app designed to alert you when the weather is nice enough. Currently, this app is only available on iOS.

According to the developer, this weather app was born from the fact that we spend too many summer days and nights inside our homes. Most times, we have no idea how long we spend within our homes, sheltered from the weather outside. According to the developer, warm seasons are meant to be spent outdoors, and a weather app like It’s Cool could serve as a reminder that we should be outside, enjoying the great app its cool

It’s Cool is actually quite cool to use. when you download it, you are greeted by a cute welcome design and the option to set the temperature to either Fahrenheit or Celsius. On the bottom of the screen, you see the current temperature, a description of the current weather, and how many hours until your preferred temperature is available outside. You can set your preferred temperature by sliding the dial at the bottom between the temperatures. Once you set the desired temperature, the app sets an alarm to notify you about it later.

Now, some people might say that it is better to simply go outside and check the weather for yourself. However, if you are really busy at work in the house, or otherwise occupied, it is possible that the last thing on your mind is stepping outside. That’s why the notification is so useful.

Now, the summer season will soon be at an end, so there’s technically not much time to make up for staying indoors for the past few months. At the very least, the weather app would help you save on the electricity bills accumulated by leaving the air-conditioning on all day.



  1. Wow! This is nice app, so I don’t need to go out to check how the weather condition is, I can know all that trough this app, this is very interesting. But what about we Android users, when will it be available on Google play store? Hope it comes to Android soon.

  2. Bros I will stick to looking at the skies instead but thanks for the heads up on the app.

  3. “…this weather app was born from the fact that we spend too many summer days and nights inside our homes”

    People in temperate climes spend time indoors usually because they’re working or relaxing. People in temperate climates go out when the sun is out if they have somewhere to go, moreso during Spring and Summer. People go to parties and other events regardless of the weather and geographical location.. Unless “we” refers to those people who spend time indoors and in cars and only set foot outside to go from one to the other, this app must be appealing to those who live in windowless properties and under constant artificial lighting.

    There are enough apps out there that provide us with hourly weather forecasts, tell us that the temperature is X but feels like Y, and what the chance of rain would be within the next hour. If you need an app to tell you to go outside and you can’t look out, check the skies and sum up the energy to take yourself outside without being prompted…something is not right.

    By the way, the only Cool weather app I could find apparently is a paid app and provides inspirational quotes along with weather forecasts.

  4. How far can we live without our phones this days..Now you become a weather forecaster with this..

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