Battery life on a smartphone is important to me. Afterall, the idea behind mobility is that one should be able to use his or her

Sony Ericsson X1 Review – Part 2 (Battery Life)

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Battery life on a smartphone is important to me. Afterall, the idea behind mobility is that one should be able to use his or her device out and about without it dying out in a short time.

tf3dWindows Mobile phones have not generally had a good reputation with respect to battery life. I have used a few, and all of them ran out of juice quickly. In comparison, my Symbian devices over the years (including my most recent, the E75) have performed excellently with regards to battery life. I just never really had to worry about carrying a charger about with those.

One of the 10 Gripes I had with the T-mobile G1 was battery life as well. The G1 simply had the worst battery life on any smartphone I had used in years. I carried the charger with me to the office, to church, when visiting my parents, and all the way back home.

I have had the Xperia X1 with me for a week now, and I must say that it has the best battery life of any Windows Mobile phone I have ever used. I haven’t had to worry about carrying a charger around, and even after a full day’s use, there’s plenty of juice left on the phone.

I have the email client connecting to my mail server every 30 minutes, I play music and video files for a few minutes daily, among other things, and the X1 has been impressive all through. Add to that the fact that it runs the Touch Flo 3D user interface panel and has been tweaked to improve performance using 3rd party apps (which should increase power consumption some), and you can perhaps understand why I am really impressed.

With the G1, going to bed with a fully-charged battery meant that I would have to charge it again before leaving home the next morning. With the X1, going to bed means the battery charge is usually hovering between 97 and 99% when I get up in the morning.

Believe me when I say that it is a sigh of relief I breathed after watching the power indicator for the first few days and found out that there was no need to watch it so closely. Deliverance!

Here’s hoping to see more WinMo devices that stand out with respect to battery life – especially those upcoming devices from Samsung.

PS: Which manufacturer is going to deliver an Android-based device with good battery life as well? Word on the street is that even the spectacular-looking HTC Hero performs badly in this area.


  1. Dude, i have the Xperia, and the battery life sucks. If it isnt using wifi, its somewhat ok, but not good at all and same goes for bluetooth. i have a 4 batteries for the xperia because i use wifi and my battery last 3- 4 hours max and thats with 4 OEM Sony Xperia Batteries

  2. Sreenadh, I can only speak for myself. After reading your comment yesterday night, I deliberately turned on both Bluetooth and Wi-fi till this morning. My X1 was set to check my mails every 30 minutes over the network.

    As at this morning, there had been little impact on battery life.

    I have been out of the office all day, and the X1 has been my mobile computer. All my online tasks – email, site management, and social networking have been done on it.

    I navigated halfway across Lagos via Garmap (GPS turned on with voice directions) for about an hour, in addition to other activities. As I type this, I still have about 20-25 percent battery life left.

    It is either I have an exceptional unit or you have a faulty one… or either of us are getting something wrong 🙂

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