How to spot a fake Infinix phone or battery

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With the success of Infinix smartphones in Nigeria and beyond, it won’t be a surprise to learn that there are fake models all over the place. Yes. Just like we have fake/cloned Samsung phones, fake Infinix phones have flooded the market too. A fake Infinix phone or battery bears very close resemblance to the original item. It is hard to tell just from the looks alone. But if you do have a closer inspection, you will see a few misplaced features.

fake Infinix phone

How to spot a fake Infinix phone

So let’s say you want to buy an Infinix phone. How will you spot the fake from the original one? First things first, I always tell people to do a bit of research before hitting the market. Be sure of the RAM and internal storage. A fake Infinix phone will always have a lesser the amount than the original model has. Below is a guide from Infinix Mobility to help you detect a fake Infinix phone or battery.

  • Get the IMEI number and VC Number. For IMEI, dial *#06#. The VC number is usually written below the battery. It is also printed on the sales pack, so you can do this before buying.
  • Visit the Infinix Verification Website HERE.
  • Input your IMEI and VC number.
  • Click the Submit button and wait for result.

A message will appear to tell if the Infinix phone/battery you have tested for is genuine or fake.

Personally, I have seen an Infinix Note 2 running 512 MB of RAM. Can you beat that? :mrgreen: Clearly fake. Don’t be scammed buying a fake Infinix phone or battery. Now you know what to do.

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  1. OK. Do you have tips on how o identify original infinix flash charger. Fakes have filled our online stores.

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