Updated: How to subscribe to an MTN 4G data plan

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MTN Nigeria has been test running its 4G LTE network for a while. However, it is now available to anyone with either a Visafone or MTN SIM card. Are you interested in getting in on some 4G action? Here are the things you need to know and do to successfully subscribe to and use an MTN 4G data plan.

How to subscribe to an MTN 4G data plan

There are presently two categories of MTN subscribers: 1) Regular MTN subscribers, and 2) Visafone subscribers who migrated to the MTN network after the acquisition.

MTN 4G data plan

Visafone Subscribers

If you own a Visafone line that has been migrated to the Y’hello network, you can use MTN 4G service. But note that you are restricted to Visafone’s data plans. You cannot subscribe to any regular data plan. To subscribe, dial *444#.

MTN Subscribers

If you are a subscriber on the network, you will need to swap your SIM card for a 4G-compatible SIM card. If you have a compatible 4G smartphone, just dial *131# to subscribe to any regular MTN data plan and enjoy 4G service.

Requirements To Use A 4G data Plan

Whether you have a 4G-compatible Visafone or MTN SIM card, you will need a 4G LTE smartphone that is compatible with LTE Band 7(2600). That is the information to look for when going through smartphone specifications.

It is quite easy to confirm whether both your smartphone and SIM card are compatible with MTN 4G service. Text “4G” to 131 and you will receive a text message in response telling you if either of both are compatible with the network.

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  1. This 4G/LTE of a thing.

    When I switch to 4G on the InfiniX Note 2 (x600) , I get the message that voice calls are not supported in that mode.

    That makes that option useless except when you need strict data mode.

    So, I need to choose 4G/3G/2G(auto), which means the network can swingv freely between those extremes, depending on what’s available. That’s not so good.

    Somehow I am not yet excited about the 4G/LTE noise. We have seen 3G deliver abysmally slow speeds of 3 KB/s on some networks. I hope this will not turn out to be the case of hype, once more, where nomenclature doesn’t match practicalities.

  2. @eye_Bee_Kay Guess you’re referring to the either of the two GSM LTE networks. As per speed, I can assure you Spectranet speed is quite a significant improvement over the kind of speed we get on 3G – I stream video lectures on creativelive for hours without experiencing any form of buffering. Not using my MTG 4G at present because the tariff isn’t attractive to me. If I have to travel to where there’s no network for more than 24hours though, I guess I’ll activate a plan than time.

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