Microsoft’s Xbox Insider program now easier to access

xbox insider

Microsoft opened its Xbox Insider feedback program to the public back in January. This week, the company is making it easier for people to get access to beta system updates. Prior to this, you could opt into the Xbox Insider program,, and tests would arrive only a short while before being released to the general public. Now, Microsoft is simplifying its Xbox Insider groups, allowing people to progress through each stage to get earlier access to Xbox One dashboard software. The Omega Ring is the default option for anyone looking…

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Asus Transformer Pro T304: Surface Pro, anyone?

Asus Transformer Pro T304

Microsoft’s Surface Pro is the most iconic detachable tablet, and it has maintained a significant lead in the Windows 2-in-1 market, in both performances and mindshare. However, other OEM partners have joined the fray, and there have been several devices that compete with the Surface Pro, with varying success. The Asus Transformer Pro T304 is one of the devices that look almost exactly like the Surface Pro in terms of design, but is quite different in everything else. Truly, the Asus Transformer Po T304 is so similar to the Surface…

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Unlock your Windows 10 computer with Samsung Flow app

Samsung Flow

Samsung has updated the Flow app on Google Play and Windows Store to work with more devices and support a new authentication method. Now, Samsung Flow can unlock your Windows 10 device, or at least, when you use a corresponding app for both Android and Windows 10. Therefore, if your computer does not have a fingerprint scanner, you can use the one on your phone to unlock it. The Android part of this setup was updated some time ago. However, the Windows version was delayed due to Microsoft’ application publishing…

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Global Internet Forum created to fight terrorism online

Global Internet Forum

Online terrorism has become a global threat of unimaginable proportions. Therefore, Facebook Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube have teamed up to form a new partnership, aimed at reducing the accessibility of internet services to terrorists. This partnership is known as the Global Internet Forum and it also aims to add structure to existing efforts by the companies to remove recruiting materials for terror groups from the major web platforms. Another aim of the Global Internet Forum is to collaborate with smaller companies and worldwide governments to fight terrorism on the internet,…

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What if you replaced Google Assistant with Cortana?


Nowadays, most people want some sort of personal assistant on their smartphones. iPhone users already know of Siri, and Android users have Google Assistant. However, some Android users are not ones to be stopped when it comes to customizing their devices, and thus Cortana, Microsoft’s personal assistant, can now be added to Android smartphones to replace Google Assistant. The new feature comes via the latest update to the Cortana app on Google Play. When you set it up, you can set it to replace the long-press home shortcut to the…

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The Surface Laptop, Microsoft’s little MacBook Pro

Surface Laptop

After the success of the Surface Book and the Surface Pro, Microsoft has attempted to enter the laptop market. Microsoft’s Surface Laptop is the first product in that category. This is a market that has been saturated with MacBooks and Chromebooks. However, the Surface Laptop holds its own favorably with these devices. The laptop has been marketed at students, and the company has stated that it would last a student from their first day n class through to graduation with the same level of performance throughout. This new laptop looks…

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Microsoft announces the Xbox One X, coming in November

Xbox One X

There’s great news for fans of the XBox gaming console. Microsoft has announced a release date for the latest version of the device, known as the XBox One X. This comes one year after the company unveiled Project Scorpio, which was touted as an XBox capable of playing games at 4K resolution and supporting VR. Microsoft has released the last few details of the console at the 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Now, here’s the thing. The Xbox One X is not all about new games. The company…

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A new Windows Mobile UI for Microsoft’s Ambitions

windows 10 smartphones

There are reports that Microsoft is currently testing a new Windows Mobile UI that is totally different from what we have seen on Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile. Even more, this new branch of Windows Mobile is being tested on new hardware. The new software and hardware are reported to be in early testing phase. Microsoft has repeatedly failed to corner a significant chunk of the mobile market since its Pocket PC glory days (Windows Mobile had 11% percent of the global smartphone market back in 2008). In recent…

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Microsoft’s Path Guide helps you navigate within buildings

Path Guide

For some people, finding a specific place in a large building is a big task. For example, when in a giant shopping mall, one could take a wrong turn and find himself completely lost. Normally, it would make sense to just ask someone for directions. However, there is an app now that can help you locate your destination without stress. The app is called Path Guide, developed by Microsoft, and it is mainly focused on intuitive indoor navigation. Path Guide is a completely map-free, infrastructure-free, plug-and-play indoor navigation service, which…

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You may never have heard of, but it is shutting down app

Chances are that you have never heard of Microsoft’s social media site, You are not alone. The site was not that popular to begin with. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have more followers than the population of some countries. However, there are also some social media sites that are not as well-known as these giants. Microsoft’s is one of these sites. It will soon cease to be a social media site. was created by Microsoft’s Fuse Labs in 2011. It looks similar to Google+ and borrows…

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