Software updates are always looked forward to by smartphone enthusiasts with excitement for the simple reason that they often add new features, functionality and/or improvements

The curse of software updates

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Software updates are always looked forward to by smartphone enthusiasts with excitement for the simple reason that they often add new features, functionality and/or improvements to devices. However, in reality, many times, a much-awaited software update comes along with an array of bugs that makes the devices a bitter-sweet experience.

Software Update

Take for example how:

  1. Android 5.0 has reduced the battery life to almost half of what was obtained on KitKat for many updated devices.
  2. BlackBerry 10.3.1 update has resulted in different issues from flickering display to heating up and to poor battery life
  3. iOS 8 brought with it Blue Screen of Deaths (BSOD) for some iPads, significant reduction in battery life, among several other issues

Those are just three examples of how the software updates that we so love end up as things that we regret embracing. We get improvements and get annoying bugs along with them. It is a case of updates being a necessary evil for everyone who longs for improved functionality from their mobile devices.

If you live on the cutting edge, there is no doubt that you have had your fair share of software update woes. Do share your most memorable experiences using the comment form below.


  1. My experiences with software updates has been good so far, the Lollipop update on Samsung has been that bad. The battery life has been more or less the same for me. The visual and performance increase with Lollipop has been great minus some small changes (like the missing silent mode, some deprecated APIs which require appd to be updated).

    The biggest issues i have had with software update has to be the deprecated SD card in KitKat which Lollipop has half fixed.

  2. My problem has been with app updates on windows phone. Sometimes I might be required to update a particular app two times in a month suffice to say that every single month I have at least 5/6 waiting for me with hardly any obvious change in performance.

  3. lollipop experience wasn’t bad, jes that twas with a custom ROM, n of recent they always leave a bad taste in the mouth

  4. The urge to be the very BEST and have the very LATEST is what keeps pushing us on to these updates. Personally, I would still go for them.

  5. I agree. I’ve had numerous updates and none of them have led to my device functioning worse.

    Sadly I look forward to them – until now I can’t tell you what Denim is supposed to bring that’s better than the previous WP software version.

  6. Well, everything that has an advantage has as a disadvantage. Updates are meant to make the phone better. Imagine if they were no updates, we would be stuck using Android 2.3 gingerbread.

  7. My Sony Xperia SP launched with Android 4.1 JB. Never used for more than two weeks and I updated to 4.3 JB which gave several issues. Sony gave a fix but then performance was still bad. I had to go for a custom cyanogenmod 4.4.4 kikat. Everytime I install the ROM it works well and after a month it becomes almost unusable. Just flashed down to default 4.1 JB that came with the phone yesterday. Updates are waiting. I just dey look them. No more updates for me for now abeg!

  8. I thought updates are supposed to improve performance? The last Blackberry update instead decreased performance of my Z30! First, to silence my phone used to be just 2 steps, now it is 3! There is now a delay for apps to open (but no change in performance after opening). Now i don’t know how to search my phone! The default is to search the internet! What is the use of the stupid update?

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