We are witnesses to the gradual transition from SIM cards to microSIM cards. Possibly, SIM cards will still be further shrunk down. However, beyond size,

The Future of SIM cards

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SIM cards

We are witnesses to the gradual transition from SIM cards to microSIM cards. Possibly, SIM cards will still be further shrunk down. However, beyond size, I envisage that the SIM of the future will be significantly different in how it works too.

As at today, each SIM is locked to a specific mobile network. In mobile number portability, we observe that it is possible for a SIM that is programmed to a specific network to be migrated to another network. Pushing this idea further along its logical path, we can envisage something of the SIM of the future.

Imagine for a moment SIM cards that are non-operator specific, but that scan for available networks from which you can pick a network of your choice and then load airtime to use that network – very much the way Wifi works now. Yet; your SIM number does not change.

Since the subscriber’s unique identifier does not change, I would imagine that the issues of identity and security are pretty much taken care of.

Imagine the competition to provide better QoS, as on the whim of the moment, a subscriber can switch from network A to B and lose nothing.

Imagine the convenience of having just one SIM and never being stranded – if your everyday network does not cover an area you are travelling to, simply lock on to an alternative network and you are good to go.

I call this the smartSIM. Imagine the possibilities.


  1. That would be a really brilliant idea! When i see people lugging around multiplephones, i can not help but smile.

    Implementing this ‘idea of the year’ would additionally remove so many headaches in a place like Nigeria. No need to carry multiple phones, charge multiples, run the risk of misplacing / losing them

    Hating Apple and its business practices as do, i will give it to those folks that t hey certainly think out of the box. They are already proposing virtual SIMs- Where physical SIMs are eliminated – to save even more space in their wafer_thin devices. Non replaceable batteries-and now non-replaceable SIMs!.

    Physical antennae were eliminated years ago in modern phones years ago. ALL The modern trend is also for all Physical buttons to be eliminated. I wonder what else would be eliminated to save weight and space?

  2. brilliant idea!!! This will definitely yank the idea of owning more than one phone. Communication will get betta and life would much easier. I just hope i wont be 90 b4 it comes to reality. Lol

  3. It will be a nice thing to do. But when exactly will this number portability commence in 9ja? I think the solution to our current poor service delivery rests with it. God bless Nigeria.

  4. Brilliant idea. I don’t think it is far fetched. I see it happening in the very near future. Not more than ten years from now.

  5. This article made it sound so easy. Is it that nobody ever thought of this idea or its more complicated and better imagined than done? On paper its perfect!

  6. Hey folks,

    Yomi is just pressing home what already is in existence. All sim cards as at today, and maybe from the inception have this ability. Can’t we all see that? The problem or the hinderance rather, is the network operators’ choice to lock you unto their networks.

    To press my point home, go with your phones to the settings and select manual under network search. The phone will manually search for and present all available networks for you but you will only be able to log on to your network. The other networks will be forbidden. This is because your already versatile sim is restrained from accessing rival networks by the operators.

    This restriction is partly lifted when you are in another country and a network in that country has agreement with your home network. They call it roaming and you are allowed to latch on to the network with your home sim.

    It is already with us really but network operators (Apple style) lock down the function.

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